Performance Enhancement & Health, Vol. 10, 2022, Issue 4


Open Access
Brain research into the mechanisms and consequences of mental fatigue
Bart Roelands, Van Cutsem Jeroen

Regular Articles

Open Access
Exploring the relationship between mindset and psychological factors linked to doping
Luke Wilkins, Anna Dunn, Barnaby N. Zoob Carter, Ian D. Boardley

Perceptions of professional esports players on performance-enhancing substances
Mathias Schubert, Felix Eing, Thomas Könecke

The role of personal commitment to integrity in clean sport and anti-doping
Sian Clancy, Frank Owusu-Sekyere, Jake Shelley, Annalena Veltmaat, Alessandra De Maria, Andrea Petróczi

Photo by Ashley de Lotz on Unsplash

All the gear: The prevalence and perceived effectiveness of recovery strategies used by triathletes
Alana J. Leabeater, Lachlan P. James, Minh Huynh, Veronica Vleck, Daniel J. Plews, Matthew W. Driller

Performance-enhancing and health-compromising behaviors in youth sports: A systematic mixed-studies review
Jan Åge Kristensen, Anette Skilbred, Frank E. Abrahamsen, Yngvar Ommundsen, Sigmund Loland

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