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    National and Organizational Culture in Norwegian Elite Sport: The Account of National Handball Head Coaches

    In this article, Skille, Hansen, Abrahamsen og Chroni show that at the international level results can be achieved even when embracing, and performing, under humanistic and social-democratic values, which deviates significantly from the commonly embraced win-at-all-costs approach. Norwegian elite sport culture appears to exemplify this cultural approach by actively employing a value-system in the development of its athletes, teams and sport.

    Rare insights into the development of young student-athletes

    On September 6, 2019, Joakim Ingrell successfully defended his doctoral thesis in sport psychology, What does it take to be successful here? A longitudinal study of achievement motivation in youth sport (Malmö University), produced within the Malmö Youth Sport Study. The external reviewer was Associate Professor Frank Eirik Abrahamsen, Norwegian School of Sport Sciences, and this review is based on his assessment presented at the public defense.

    International Sport Coaching Journal, Volume: 6, 2019, Issue 1

    ISCJ is a joint venture of the Society of Health and Physical Educators (SHAPE) and International Council for Coaching Excellence (ICCE). The mission is to advance the profession of coaching through peer-reviewed research articles, informative essays, experiential accounts, and systematic applications that enhance the education, development of knowledge, leadership, and best practices of coaches.

    A combination of scholarly research and practical applications results in an intriguing volume

    In his edited volume The Organizational Psychology of Sport: Key issues and practical applications (Routledge), Christopher R. D. Wagstaff sets out to combine a scholarly perspective with practical applications. Our reviewer is Sepand Mashregi, who is enticed by this approach and happy to recommend the book.
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