Journal of Sports Economics, Vol. 24, 2023, No. 1


Do Fans Impact Sports Outcomes? A COVID-19 Natural Experiment
Jeffrey Cross and Richard Uhrig

Incentives and Strategic Behavior of Professional Boxers
Zafer Akin, Murat Issabayev, and Islam Rizvanoghlu

Scoring Benefits to Eastward Travel in the NBA
James Hasbany, Ryland Burke, Lawrence Watson, and Jacqueline Doremus

Professional Sports Events and Public Spending: Evidence from Municipal Police Budgets
Hyunwoong Pyun, Brad R. Humphreys, and Umair Khalil

Participation in Competitive Sports Closes Gender Gaps in Competition and in Risk Taking
Marc Willinger, Dimitri Dubois, and Sabrina Bravaccini

Professional boxer Lewis Sylvester punching an opponent. (Photo by Chris Kendall on Unsplash)

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