Journal of Sport Rehabilitation, Volume 29, 2020, Issue 2


Comparison of Myofascial Release Techniques on Pectoralis Minor Length, Glenohumeral Total Arc of Motion, and Skin Temperature: A Pilot Study
Matthew Rivera, Lindsey Eberman, Kenneth Games and Cameron J. Powden
Pages: 137–141

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Comparison of Pain Measures Between Tendons of Elite Basketball Players With Different Sonographic Patterns
Josep C. Benítez-Martínez, Pablo Martínez-Ramírez, Fermín Valera-Garrido, Jose Casaña-Granell and Francesc Medina-Mirapeix
Pages: 142–147

Roller Massage: Difference in Knee Joint Range of Motion and Pain Perception Among Experienced and Nonexperienced Individuals After Following a Prescribed Program
Scott W. Cheatham and Kyle R. Stull
Pages: 148–155

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Immediate Effects of Dry Needling as a Novel Strategy for Hamstring Flexibility: A Single-Blinded Clinical Pilot Study
Noureddin Nakhostin Ansari, Parisa Alaei, Soofia Naghdi, Zahra Fakhari, Shiva Komesh and Jan Dommerholt
Pages: 156–161

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Taping Benefits Ankle Joint Landing Kinematics in Subjects With Chronic Ankle Instability
Roel De Ridder, Tine Willems, Jos Vanrenterghem, Ruth Verrelst, Cedric De Blaiser and Philip Roosen
Pages: 162–167

Pain Catastrophizing in College Athletes
Aaron Sciascia, Jacob Waldecker and Cale Jacobs
Pages: 168–173

Dynamic and Static Assessment of Single-Leg Postural Control in Female Soccer Players
Kelly M. Meiners and Janice K. Loudon
Pages: 174–178

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Effectiveness of Simulated Horseback Riding for Patients With Chronic Low Back Pain: A Randomized Controlled Trial
TaeYeong Kim, JaeHyuk Lee, SeJun Oh, Seungmin Kim and BumChul Yoon
Pages: 179–185

Lower-Extremity Energy Absorption During Side-Step Maneuvers in Females With Knee Valgus Alignment
Akihiro Tamura, Kiyokazu Akasaka and Takahiro Otsudo
Pages: 186–191

The Effect of Total Body Resistance Exercise on Mobility, Proprioception, and Muscle Strength of the Knee in People With Multiple Sclerosis
Afshin Moghadasi, Gholamali Ghasemi, Ebrahim Sadeghi-Demneh and Masoud Etemadifar
Pages: 192–199

Effect of Loading Devices on Muscle Activation in Squat and Lunge
Hong-Wen Wu, Cheng-Feng Tsai, Kai-Han Liang and Yi-Wen Chang
Pages: 200–205

Effect of Ulnar-Based Orthotics and Strengthening Exercises on Subjects With Ulnar Wrist Pain
Mohamed Abdelmegeed, Everett Lohman, Noha Daher, June Kume and Hasan M. Syed
Pages: 206–212

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Functional Outcomes and Psychological Benefits of Active Video Games in the Rehabilitation of Lateral Ankle Sprains: A Case Report
Monna Arvinen-Barrow, Nathan Maresh and Jennifer Earl-Boehm
Pages: 213–224

Can the Use of Unstable Surfaces and Instruction for Conscious Abdominal Contraction Increase the EMG Activity of the Periscapular Muscles During the Dynamic Push-Up?
Rodrigo Cappato de Araújo, Vinícius Yan Santos Nascimento, Rafaela Joyce Barbosa Torres, Francis Trombini-Souza, David Behm and Ana Carolina Rodarti Pitangui
Pages: 225–230


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Lack of Consensus on Return-to-Sport Criteria Following Lateral Ankle Sprain: A Systematic Review of Expert Opinions
Erik A. Wikstrom, Cole Mueller and Mary Spencer Cain
Pages: 231–237


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Does Anxiety Affect Neuropsychological Assessment in College Athletes?
Christopher P. Tomczyk, George Shaver and Tamerah N. Hunt
Pages: 238–242

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The Relationship Between Musculoskeletal Injury and Objectively Measured Physical Activity Levels: A Critically Appraised Topic
Amy R. Barchek, Shelby E. Baez, Matthew C. Hoch and Johanna M. Hoch
Pages: 243–247

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Does Early Low-Intensity Aerobic Exercise Hasten Recovery in Adolescents With Sport-Related Concussion?
Ryan D. Henke, Savana M. Kettner, Stephanie M. Jensen, Augustus C.K. Greife and Christopher J. Durall
Pages: 248–252


Open access
Reliability of Knee Flexion–Extension Lyapunov Exponent in People With and Without Anterior Cruciate Ligament Deficiency
Salman Nazary-Moghadam, Mahyar Salavati, Ali Esteki, Behnam Akhbari, Sohrab Keyhani and Afsaneh Zeinalzadeh
Pages: 253–256

Open access
Reliability and Validity of an Innovative Device for ACL Testing: The Mobil-Aider™
Dawn T. Gulick
Pages: 257–261

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