Journal of Sport History, Volume 48, 2021, Number 3 | 50 Years: The North American Society for Sport History (NASSH)

Open Access
NASSH Timeline
Ronald A. Smith
pp 229-248. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.01


Open Access
An Introduction to “50 Years: The North American Society for Sport History (NASSH)”
Lindsay Parks Pieper; Carly Adams
pp 249-254. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.02


A Personal Involvement in the Origin of NASSH
Ronald A. Smith
pp 255-268. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.03

Alan Metcalfe “at Work” Constructing Sport History: A Retrospective Tribute
Victoria Paraschak; Robert Kossuth
pp 269-289. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.04

A Graduate Student during the Formative Years of Sport History and Sport Studies, 1969–79: Personal Remembrances and Reflections
Jack W. Berryman
pp 290-311. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.05

NASSH and the Evolution of Sport History in North America
Steven A. Riess
pp 312-328. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.06

US-Based Historical Studies of Sports and the Academe of Japan and China
Kohei Kawashima; Geng Zuo
pp 329-344. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.07


Speaking Up, Speaking Out, and Speaking Back to Feminism in Sport History: Fifty Years on at NASSH
Patricia Vertinsky
pp 345-360. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.08

But How?: (Re)Imagining the Public Place of (Black Canadian) Sport History
Ornella Nzindukiyimana
pp 361-378. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.09

Inside/Out: A Cultural Prism of Blackness and Whiteness in Sport History
Amanda N. Schweinbenz; C. Keith Harrison
pp 379-396. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.10

Public Health Approaches to Sport History
Kathleen Bachynski
pp 397-413. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.11


Looking at the Past, Thinking about the Future: The Journal of Sport History
Andrew D. Linden; Alison M. Wrynn
pp 414-424. doi: 10.5406/21558450.48.3.12

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