Journal of Sport for Development, Vol. 10, 2022, Issue 2


Moving beyond disciplinary silos: The potential for transdisciplinary research in Sport for Development
Meredith A. Whitley, Holly Collison-Randall, Paul M. Wright, Simon C. Darnell, Nico Schulenkorf, Eric Knee, Nicholas L. Holt & Justin Richards

Improving adult women’s emotional health in rural Kenya through community soccer and the role of social support: A mixed-methods analysis
Francis Barchi, Millan A. AbiNader, Samantha C. Winter, Lena M. Obara, Daniel Mbogo, Bendettah M. Thomas, & Brittany Ammerman

Experiences abroad: The impacts of an international sport for development trip on American young women
Carrie LeCrom, Jennifer Jacobs & Karisa Kuipers

Understanding sport as a vehicle to promote positive development among youth with physical disabilities
Amanda McKinnon, Rebecca L. Basset-Gutner, Jessica Fraser-Thomas & Kelly P. Arbour-Nicitopoulos

Stari Most and the old town of Mostar, Bosnia and Herzegovina. This photo was taken during Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series. (Shutterstock/K.O.Photography)

Diving into a new era: The role of an international sport event in fostering peace in a post-conflict city
Jada W. Lindblom, Eric Legg & Christine A. Vogt

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