Journal of Sport and Exercise Psychology Volume 35, Issue 4, August 2013

jsep300Original Research

The Tale of Hearts and Reason: The Influence of Mood on Decision Making
Sylvain Laborde, Markus Raab

Executive Function During Acute Exercise: The Role of Exercise Intensity
Chun-Chih Wang, Chien-Heng Chu, I-Hua Chu, Yu-Kai Chang, Yu-Kai Chang

Interactions Between Performance Pressure, Performance Streaks, and Attentional Focus
Rob Gray, Jonathan Allsop

Who Thrives Under Pressure? Predicting the Performance of Elite Academy Cricketers Using the Cardiovascular Indicators of Challenge and Threat States
Martin J. Turner, Marc V. Jones, David Sheffield, Matthew J. Slater, Jamie B. Barker, James J. Bell

Physical Activity and Trial-by-Trial Adjustments of Response Conflict
Keita Kamijo, Yuji Takeda

Coping Under Pressure: Employing Emotion Regulation Strategies to Enhance Performance Under Pressure
Yannick A. Balk, Marieke A. Adriaanse, Denise T.D. de Ridder, Catharine Evers

Psychological Mechanisms Underlying Doping Attitudes in Sport: Motivation and Moral Disengagement
Ken Hodge, Elaine A. Hargreaves, David Gerrard, Chris C. Lonsdale

Research Note

Acute Exercise Enhances Preschoolers’ Ability to Sustain Attention
Kara K. Palmer, Matthew W. Miller, Leah E. Robinson

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