Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, Volume 15, 2019, Issue 4

Offensive or defensive play in soccer: a game-theoretical approach
Gambarelli, Daniele / Gambarelli, Gianfranco / Goossens, Dries
Page 261

A hybrid random forest to predict soccer matches in international tournaments
Groll, Andreas / Ley, Cristophe / Schauberger, Gunther / Van Eetvelde, Hans
Page 271

Bayesian statistics meets sports: a comprehensive review
Santos-Fernandez, Edgar / Wu, Paul / Mengersen, Kerrie L.
Page 289

A point-based Bayesian hierarchical model to predict the outcome of tennis matches
Ingram, Martin
Page 313

Using a Markov decision process to model the value of the sacrifice bunt
Hirotsu, Nobuyoshi / Bickel, J. Eric
Page 327

Combinatorial models of cross-country dual meets: what is a big victory?
Riedel, Kurt S.
Page 345

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