Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports Volume 10, Issue 3, 2014

jqasCreating space to shoot: quantifying spatial relative field goal efficiency in basketball
Shortridge, Ashton / Goldsberry, Kirk / Adams, Matthew
Page 303

Life on the bubble: Who’s in and who’s out of March Madness?
Leman, Scotland C. / House, Leanna / Szarka, John / Nelson, Hayley
Page 315

Choosing the most popular NFL games in a local TV market
Grimshaw, Scott D. / Burwell, Scott J.
Page 329

How the West will be won: using Monte Carlo simulations to estimate the effects of NHL realignment
Pettigrew, Stephen
Page 345

Modeling and prediction of ice hockey match results
Marek, Patrice / Šedivá, Blanka / Ťoupal, Tomáš
Page 357

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