Journal of Imagery Research in Sport and Physical Activity Volume 9, Issue 1

jirspa-dsInternal–External Motor Imagery and Skilled Motor Actions
Fontani, Giuliano / Migliorini, Silvia / Lodi, Leda / De Martino, Enrico / Solidakis, Nektarios / Corradeschi, Fausto
Page 1

Sailing Video-Imagery: Impacts on Imagery Ability
Gapin, Jennifer / Herzog, Tim
Page 13

Effects of Imagery on Effort Perception and Cycling Endurance
Razon, Selen / Mandler, Kyle / Arsal, Guler / Tokac, Umit / Tenenbaum, Gershon
Page 23

Relationship between Mental Rotation of Body Parts and Postural Stability during Quiet Stance
Kawasaki, Tsubasa / Yasuda, Kazuhiro / Fukuhara, Kazunobu / Higuchi, Takahiro
Page 39

A PETTLEP Imagery Intervention with Young Athletes
Quinton, Mary L. / Cumming, Jennifer / Gray, Rob / Geeson, Joseph R. / Cooper, Andrew / Crowley, Hannah / Williams, Sarah E.
Page 47

A Comparison of Movement Imagery Ability Self-Report and Imagery Use in a Motor Task: A Preliminary Investigation
Gabbard, Carl P. / Lee, Jihye
Page 61

A Phenomenological Investigation of Divers’ Lived Experience of Imagery
Post, Phillip G. / Simpson, Duncan / Young, Greg / Parker, Jack Frederick
Page 67

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