Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, Volume 22, 2018

“The court is now in session…”: Use of mock trial in sport management
Original Research Article Pages 1-6
Leeann M. Lower, Daniel W. Jones, Taylor A. Hutton, Whitney N. Jarnagin

Sport business and marketing collaboration in higher education
Original Research Article Pages 7-13
Nathan Kirkpatrick, Joseph Pederson, Darin White

Learning while traveling: The school of travel
Original Research Article Pages 14-18
Donald N. Roberson

Show and tell: Blending and expanding credit by exam and competency-based credit in sport management
Original Research Article Pages 19-21
Michael Hutchinson, Richard L. Irwin, Timothy D. Ryan

For a better campus sporting experience: Scale development and validation of the collegiate sportscape scale
Original Research Article Pages 22-30
Sunyun Shin, Weisheng Chiu, Hyun-Woo Lee

What do hospitality undergraduates learn in different countries? An international comparison of curriculum
Original Research Article Pages 31-41
Xi Y. Leung, Han Wen, Lan Jiang

Exploring followership in hospitality and tourism education
Original Research Article Pages 42-51
Cynthia S. Deale, Seung Hyun (Jenna) Lee, Donald G. Schoffstall

From classroom to courtside: An examination of the experiential learning practices of sport management faculty
Original Research Article Pages 52-62
Liz A. Sattler

Toward a framework for an undergraduate academic tourism curriculum in Indonesian Universities: Some perspectives from stakeholders
Original Research Article Pages 63-74
Mohamad Yusuf, D. Ary A. Samsura, Pujo Semedi Hargo Yuwono

Sport management internships: Recommendations for improving upon experiential learning
Original Research Article Pages 75-81
Chris Brown, Jennifer Willett, Ruth Goldfine, Bernie Goldfine

Great theses and dissertation start with an intriguing idea
Original Research Article Pages 82-87
Lauren N. Duffy, Harrison P. Pinckney, Gwynn M. Powell, Robert D. Bixler, Francis A. McGuire

Does employability increase with internship satisfaction? Enhanced employability and internship satisfaction in a hospitality program
Original Research Article Pages 88-99
Tzu-ling Chen, Ching-cheng Shen, Mark Gosling

Values in tourism higher education: The European master in tourism management
Original Research Article Pages 100-104
Janne J. Liburd, Tanja Mihalič, Jaume Guia

The relationship among social support, career self-efficacy, career exploration, and career choices of Taiwanese college athletes
Pages 105-109
Chun-Chen Chan

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