Journal of Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism Education, Volume 21, Part B, 2017

Critical perspectives in education: Introduction to the Special Issue
Pages 123-125
Tamara Young, Mieke Witsel, Andrea Boyle

The promotion of social justice: Service learning for transformative education
Original Research Article Pages 126-134
Sandro Carnicelli, Karla Boluk

Educating managers for equity and social justice: Integrating Indigenous knowledges and perspectives in Australian sport, recreation and event management curricula
Original Research Article Pages 135-143
Tamara Young, Ruth Sibson, Amy Maguire

Redressing the balance: Inverted hierarchies in the tourism classroom
Original Research Article Pages 144-153
Ilaria Pappalepore, Helen Farrell

The ontology of teaching in transcultural contexts: Four voices of competence
Original Research Article Pages 154-162
Mieke Witsel, Andrea Boyle

The memory-work sessions: Exploring critical pedagogy in tourism
Original Research Article Pages 163-173
Mahsa Rouzrokh, Meghan Muldoon, Pooneh Torabian, Heather Mair

Transcending towards a spirituality-based platform in tourism higher education: A contemplation of the pedagogical implications
Original Research Article Pages 174-184
Abu Bakar Barkathunnisha, Diane Lee, Anne Price

Transformation for sustainability: The role of complexity in tourism students’ understanding of sustainable tourism
Original Research Article Pages 185-194
Rob Hales, Gayle Jennings

Critical tourism pedagogies: Exploring the potential through food
Original Research Article Pages 195-203
Heather Mair, Jennifer Sumner

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