Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology, Volume 16, 2022, Issue 1 | Burnout in Sport and Performance


An Introduction to the Journal of Clinical Sport Psychology Special Issue on Burnout in Sport and Performance
J.D. DeFreese, Daniel J. Madigan, and Henrik Gustafsson
Pages: 1–2

Articles for Special Issue

Teammate Relationships, Loneliness, and the Motivational and Well-Being Experiences of Adolescent Athletes
Christine E. Pacewicz and Alan L. Smith
Pages: 3–22

Savoring Sport: Connections With Athlete Passion and Burnout
Benjamin J.I. Schellenberg, Jérémie Verner-Filion, and Patrick Gaudreau
Pages: 23–41

Developmental Differences in Burnout Among High School Athletes in the United States: A Gendered Perspective
Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu, Bailey Sommerfeld, and Tao Zhang
Pages: 42–54

Perfectionism and Burnout in Athletes: The Mediating Role of Perceived Stress
Luke F. Olsson, Michael C. Grugan, Joseph N. Martin, and Daniel J. Madigan
Pages: 55–74

Perspectives on the Future of Burnout in Sport
Daniel J. Madigan, Henrik Gustafsson, Andrew P. Hill, Kathleen T. Mellano, Christine E. Pacewicz, Thomas D. Raedeke, and Alan L. Smith
Pages: 75–88

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