Journal of Brand Strategy Volume 3, Number 1, May 2014

  • jbs300Digital transformation at Nestlé: Playing to win
    Pete Blackshaw, Global Head, Digital Marketing and Social Media, Nestlé
  • 10 rules for effective branded content: Skype’s experience
    Shana Pearlman, Social Media Manager, Skype, Nadina Guglielmetti, Chief Digital Officer, Emily Listfield, Chief Content Officer, Kaplow
  • Does sports marketing work? How is it measured?
    Scott Horowitz, VP, Mktg Partnership Activation, Phoenix Suns
  • Quo vadis digital brand advertising? The shift from online performance to more holistic brand efficiency measurement and the need for standardised online ad formats
    Karim H. Attia, CEO,
  • B2B event sponsorship: Generating value through strategy and metrics
    Kate Phillips Connolly, Director, Bretzel Bakery and Aidan Connolly, VP, Corporate Accounts, Alltech
  • The influence of gender on baseball sponsorship activation tactics
    Mark Dodds, Associate Professor, Suny Cortland, Larry Degaris, President, Sponsorship Research & Strategy and Dave Perricone, Assistant Professor, Centenary College and former Senior Director of Merchandise, New Jersey Devils Hockey Club
  • Collaboration: The no. 1 strategy for reaching ‘Bottom of the Pyramid’ customer segments in emerging global markets
    Ardi Kolah, Expert Review Panel Member, Cabinet Office
  • Luxury counterfeit purchasing: The collateral effect of luxury brands’ trading down policy
    Jeannoël Kapferer, Professor and Anne Michaut, Adjunct Professor, Hec Paris
  • Sponsored social: What is it worth? The value chasm between brand and influencers
    Ted Murphy, Founder & CEO and Ryan Schram, Chief Operating Officer, IZEA
  • Brand awareness: A community perception of a non-profit organisation
    Julia Cronin-Gilmore, Assistant Professor, Myra Jo Bates, Assistant Professor, Marketing, Doug Brown, Assistant Professor, College of Business Administration, Bellevue University
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