International Review for the Sociology of Sport, Vol. 57, 2022, No. 4

Research Articles

Open Access
When ‘the show’ cannot go on: An investigation into sports mega-events and responses during the pandemic crisis

Jan Andre Lee Ludvigsen

Open Access
‘All Avatars Aren’t We’: Football and the experience of football-themed digital content during a global pandemic

Garry Crawford, Alex Fenton, Simon Chadwick, and Stefan Lawrence

Open Access
Cosmopolitans and communitarians: A typology of football fans between national and European influences
Regina Weber, Alexander Brand, Florian Koch, and Arne Niemann

Women’s consumption of men’s professional sport in Canada: Evidence of the ‘feminization’ of sports fandom and women as omnivorous sports consumers?
Adam Gemar and Stacey Pope

The dancefloor is now open: A dispositional analysis of the glocalization and sportification of Chinese DanceSport
Shushan Dai, Joshua I Newman, Hanhan Xue, and James Du

Social integration of people with a migration background in Swiss sport clubs: A cross-level analysis
Matthias Buser, Jenny A Zwahlen, Torsten Schlesinger, and Siegfried Nagel

Open Access
Auditory and visual sensory modalities in the velodrome and the practice of becoming a track cyclist
Kate Themen and Cosmin Popan

Open Access
Earth(l)y pleasures and air-borne bodies: Elemental haptics in women’s cross-country running
Jacquelyn Allen-Collinson and Patricia C Jackman



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