International Platform on Sport & Development e-Newsletter / Issue No. 88, May 2013

©Maira Cabrini
©Maira Cabrini

Dear Readers,

Welcome to Issue 88 of the sportanddev e-Newsletter!

“The challenges of fundraising a sport and development project into reality open a series of articles exploring project financing. A coach shares his experience of overcoming another common obstacle in S&D projects – communication – and I outline the benefits of incorporating more physical activity into our working lives to reduce the risks associated with neglecting our need for movement.

An increasing number of events are taking place, and there are multiple job opportunities on offer including positions within the Operating Team at sportanddev. We welcome the recently launched open journal dedicated to the S&D field, and a photojournalism book from London 2012 showcasing disability sport. UK Sport publishes a review of HIV counselling and testing in S&D programmes, and we have the latest article in our exclusive EACCES series.

Enjoy your reading,

Alister Bignell
Project Officer

News & Upcoming Events

Dates for your diary

Take a look at some of the most interesting S&D events to take place in the coming weeks. Read more

Recap of recent events

Including the Peace and Sport Dubai Forum and the Palestine Marathon. Read more

New opportunities

Early-bird prices are available for the 2013 Beyond Sport Summit until 30 April 2013. Read more

New job opportunities

Check out the latest job opportunities in S&D, including a position on the Operating Team at sportanddev. Read more

Latest from the Community

1st issue of the Journal of Sport and Development

A new peer-reviewed, open access journal dedicated entirely to sport for development is now available. Read More

Rise again: Challenging perceptions of disability

A new photojournalism book of the London 2012 Paralympic Games aims to change public attitudes towards disability. Read More

Wheelchair sport workshops and tournament in Nepal

sportanddev welcomes new member Wheelchair Athletes Worldwide, organising wheelchair sport workshops and a tournament in Kathmandu, Nepal on 10-12 May. Read More

UK Sport Publication

UK Sport releases a review of HIV counselling and testing within sport for development programmes. Read More


Communicating across the language gap – a coach’s experience

Cormac Whelan, coach at Pro4Sport Solutions, shares his experiences of coaching without language. Read More

Fundraising ideas into reality

As the field of S&D continues to grow, many are faced with the daunting challenge of funding their project idea. Read More

The health benefits of an active workforce

Increasing opportunities for physical activity in the workplace improves our well being and can lead to greater job satisfaction. Read More

Latest from the Platform

East Africa Community Coach Education System

Continuing the EACCES series, sportanddev features insights from coaches about their training experiences. Read more

What to do Next

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