International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 16, 2021, Issue 4

Original research

A united front: Coach and teammate motivational climate and team cohesion among female adolescent athletes
Maureen R Weiss, Hailee J Moehnke, and Lindsay E Kipp

Three perspectives on parental support in youth soccer: Children, parents, and coaches
Babett H Lobinger, Valeria C Eckardt, and Franziska Lautenbach

Talent development in women’s cricket: Perceptions and practices of elite players and coaches
Alexandra Lascu, W Spratford, DB Pyne, and N Etxebarria

Identifying the challenges to implementing a neuromuscular warm-up in pre-elite netball
Erin Smyth, Renee Appaneal, Michael Drew, Alanna Antcliff, Gordon Waddington, Phil Newman, Juanita Weissensteiner, and Alex Donaldson

The relationship between flourishing, injury status, and resilience in collegiate athletes
Chelsea L Martin, Ellen Shanley, Chris Harnish, Amy Knab, Shefali Christopher, Srikant Vallabhajosula, and Garrett Bullock

Post-concussion return-to-play: Perceptions of roles, responsibilities and guideline implementation among community club rugby stakeholders in South Africa
Wilbur Kraak, Hanno van Vuuren, and Karen Welman

Can prior instruction successfully alter the tackle type executed by a player?
Suzi Edwards, Timana Tahu, Matthew Buchanan, Ross Tucker, Gordon Fuller, and Andrew Gardner

Effects of attentional focus cues on lower extremity kinematics during inside of the foot soccer trap among expert soccer players
Ladule Lako LoSarah, Adam E Jagodinsky, Michael Torry, and Peter J Smith

Open Access
Sprint performance and force-velocity profiling does not differ between artificial turf and concrete
Samad Shahab, Ida B Steendahl, Ludwig Ruf, Tim Meyer, and Bas Van Hooren

Exploring the effect of various match factors on team playing styles in the National Rugby League
C Wedding, CT Woods, WH Sinclair, MA Gomez, and AS Leicht

Relationships between physiological characteristics and match demands in elite-level male field hockey players
Wayne P Lombard, Xudan Cai, Michael I Lambert, Xiaoping Chen, and Lijuan Mao

How does the workload applied during the training week and the contextual factors affect the physical responses of professional soccer players in the match?
Berni Guerrero-Calderón, Maximilian Klemp, José Alfonso Morcillo, and Daniel Memmert

The Relative Orientation of the Trunk and Tibia can be Used to Estimate the Demands on the Hip and Knee Extensors During the Barbell Back Squat
Adam J Barrack, Rachel K Straub, Jordan Cannon, and Christopher M Powers

A probabilistic approach to identifying run scoring advantage in the order of playing cricket
Manar D Samad and Sumen Sen

Being a golf trainer in China: The life of an artist?
Boucher Aurélien, Li Yuqing, and Shao Xueyun

Case Study

“I’m valuing the journey as much as the destination”: Exploring shared reflection to support novice coach learning
Anne O’Dwyer and Richard Bowles


The association between sport specialisation and movement competency in youth: a systematic review
Anja Zoellner, Chris Whatman, Paul Read, and Kelly Sheerin

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