International Journal of Sports Science and Coaching, Volume 14, 2019, Issue 4

Original research

Burnout symptoms and recovery processes in eight elite soccer coaches over 10 years
Peter Hassmén, Göran Kenttä, Sören Hjälm, Erik Lundkvist, and Henrik Gustafsson

Reducing the risk of athlete burnout: Psychosocial, sociocultural, and individual considerations for coaches
Louise Davis, Andreas Stenling, Henrik Gustafsson, Ralph Appleby, and Paul Davis

Is the game lost in advance? Being a high-performance coach and preserving family life
Hélène Joncheray, Fabrice Burlot, and Mathilde Julla-Marcy

The relationship between passion for coaching and the coaches’ interpersonal behaviors: The mediating role of coaches’ perception of the relationship quality with athletes
Inwoo Kim, Keunchul Lee, and Sangwook Kang

Development and preliminary validation of the Coach Interpersonal Style Observational System
Juan J Pulido, David Sánchez-Oliva, Marlene N Silva, Antonio L Palmeira, and Tomás García-Calvo

A decision-making simulator for soccer referees
Roy David Samuel, Yair Galily, Or Guy, Elad Sharoni, and Gershon Tenenbaum

Identification of key performance characteristics of elite Australian football umpires
Aden Kittel, Paul Larkin, Nathan Elsworthy, and Michael Spittle

Functional Movement Screening and injury risk in elite adolescent rugby league players
Cameron S Dyer, Robin Callister, Colin E Sanctuary, and Suzanne J Snodgrass

Does the type of disability influence salivary cortisol concentrations of athletes in official wheelchair basketball games?
Bruna Barboza Seron, Emanuel Messias Oliveira de Carvalho, Everaldo Lambert Modesto, Eloise Werle de Almeida, Solange Marta Franzói de Moraes, and Márcia Greguol

Evaluating the effectiveness of styles of play in elite soccer
Javier Fernandez-Navarro, Luis Fradua, Asier Zubillaga, and Allistair P McRobert

Practitioners’ multi-disciplinary perspectives of soccer talent according to phase of development and playing position
Christopher Towlson, Ed Cope, John L Perry, David Court, and Nick Levett

A cluster analysis of high-performance handball players’ perceived motivational climate: Implications on motivation, implicit beliefs of ability and intention to be physically active
Manuel Gómez-López, Juan Andrés Merino-Barrero, David Manzano-Sánchez, and Alfonso Valero-Valenzuela

Basketball players’ versatility: Assessing the diversity of tactical roles
Wellington Rangel, Carlos Ugrinowitsch, and Leonardo Lamas

Research note

Relationships between barbell squat strength and weightlifting performance
Rhys AJ Lucero, Andrew C Fry, Christopher D LeRoux, and Matthew J Hermes

Review Article

The roles of coaches, peers, and parents in athletes’ basic psychological needs: A mixed-studies review
Tsz Lun (Alan) Chu and Tao Zhang

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