International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 14, 2019, No. 4


The Crucial Role of Elite Athletes and Expert Coaches With Academic Profiles in Developing Sound Sport Science
Karim Chamari


Quantifying Physical Demands in the National Basketball Association—Challenges Around Developing Best-Practice Models for Athlete Care and Performance
Blake D. McLean, Donald Strack, Jennifer Russell, and Aaron J. Coutts


Determining the Relationship Between Internal Load Markers and Noncontact Injuries in Young Elite Soccer Players
Javier Raya-González, Fabio Yuzo Nakamura, Daniel Castillo, Javier Yanci, and Maurizio Fanchini

Caffeine and Sprint Cycling Performance: Effects of Torque Factor and Sprint Duration
Mark Glaister, Colin Towey, Owen Jeffries, Daniel Muniz-Pumares, Paul Foley, and Gillian McInnes

Interunit Reliability and Effect of Data-Processing Methods of Global Positioning Systems
Heidi R. Thornton, André R. Nelson, Jace A. Delaney, Fabio R. Serpiello, and Grant M. Duthie

The Difference in Neuromuscular Fatigue and Workload During Competition and Training in Elite Cricketers
Kieran Cooke, Tom Outram, Raph Brandon, Mark Waldron, Will Vickery, James Keenan, and Jamie Tallent

The Reproducibility and External Validity of a Modified Rugby League Movement-Simulation Protocol for Interchange Players
Jonathan P. Norris, Jamie Highton, and Craig Twist

The Influence of Pleasure and Attentional Focus on Performance and Pacing Strategies in Elite Individual Time Trials
Theo Ouvrard, Alain Groslambert, and Frederic Grappe

Higher- Versus Lower-Intensity Strength-Training Taper: Effects on Neuromuscular Performance
Hayden J. Pritchard, Matthew J. Barnes, Robin J. Stewart, Justin W. Keogh, and Michael R. McGuigan

Heart-Rate Variability in Elite Synchronized Swimmers
Mònica Solana-Tramunt, Jose Morales, Bernat Buscà, Marina Carbonell, and Lara Rodríguez-Zamora

Factors Affecting Cyclists’ Chances of Success in Match-Sprint Tournaments
Kathryn E. Phillips and Will G. Hopkins

Differences in Sprint Mechanical Force–Velocity Profile Between Trained Soccer and Futsal Players
Pedro Jiménez-Reyes, Amador García-Ramos, Victor Cuadrado-Peñafiel, Juan A. Párraga-Montilla, José A. Morcillo-Losa, Pierre Samozino, and Jean-Benoît Morin

Reliability and Validity of a Novel Trunk-Strength Assessment for High-Performance Sprint Flat-Water Kayakers
Darren Steeves, Leo J. Thornley, Joshua A. Goreham, Matthew J. Jordan, Scott C. Landry, and Jonathon R. Fowles

Relationship Between Various Training-Load Measures in Elite Cyclists During Training, Road Races, and Time Trials
Teun van Erp, Carl Foster, and Jos J. de Koning

Anaerobic Speed Reserve: A Key Component of Elite Male 800-m Running
Gareth N. Sandford, Sian V. Allen, Andrew E. Kilding, Angus Ross, and Paul B. Laursen

Training to Compete at Altitude:Natural Altitude or Simulated Live High:Train Low?
Amelia J. Carr, Laura A. Garvican-Lewis, Brent S. Vallance, Andrew P. Drake, Philo U. Saunders, Clare E. Humberstone, and Christopher J. Gore

Critical Speed as a Measure of Aerobic Fitness for Male Rugby Union Players
Mark Kramer, Mark Watson, Rosa Du Randt, and Robert W. Pettitt

Effect of Sampling Frequency on Isometric Midthigh-Pull Kinetics
Thomas Dos’Santos, Paul A. Jones, Jonathan Kelly, John J. McMahon, Paul Comfort, and Christopher Thomas


Load–Velocity Relationship in National Paralympic Powerlifters: A Case Study
Irineu Loturco, Lucas A. Pereira, Ciro Winckler, Weverton L. Santos, Ronaldo Kobal, and Michael McGuigan

Brief Report: Training Load, Salivary Immunoglobulin A, and Illness Incidence in Elite Paratriathletes
Ben T. Stephenson, Eleanor Hynes, Christof A. Leicht, Keith Tolfrey, and Victoria L. Goosey-Tolfrey

Validity of the Open Barbell and Tendo Weightlifting Analyzer Systems Versus the Optotrak Certus 3D Motion-Capture System for Barbell Velocity
Jacob A. Goldsmith, Cameron Trepeck, Jessica L. Halle, Kristin M. Mendez, Alex Klemp, Daniel M. Cooke, Michael H. Haischer, Ryan K. Byrnes, Robert F. Zoeller, Michael Whitehurst, and Michael C. Zourdos


Business Intelligence: How Sport Scientists Can Support Organization Decision Making in Professional Sport
Patrick Ward, Johann Windt, and Thomas Kempton

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