International Journal of Sports Physiology and Performance, Volume 13, 2018, No. 3


Social Media in Sport Science and Medicine: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility
Franco M. Impellizzeri


Physical-Preparation Recommendations for Elite Rugby Sevens Performance
Jake Schuster, Dan Howells, Julien Robineau, Anthony Couderc, Alex Natera, Nick Lumley, Tim J. Gabbett, and Nick Winkelman


Physiological Profile of an Uphill Time Trial in Elite Cyclists
Ana B. Peinado, Nuria Romero-Parra, Miguel A. Rojo-Tirado, Rocío Cupeiro, Javier Butragueño, Eliane A. Castro, Francisco J. Calderón, and Pedro J. Benito

Is There an Optimal Ischemic-Preconditioning Dose to Improve Cycling Performance?
Scott Cocking, Mathew G. Wilson, David Nichols, N. Timothy Cable, Daniel J. Green, Dick H. J. Thijssen, and Helen Jones

Racing an Opponent: Alteration of Pacing, Performance, and Muscle-Force Decline but Not Rating of Perceived Exertion
Marco J. Konings, Jordan Parkinson, Inge Zijdewind, and Florentina J. Hettinga

Selective Changes in the Mechanical Capacities of Lower-Body Muscles After Cycle-Ergometer Sprint Training Against Heavy and Light Resistances
Amador García-Ramos, Alejandro Torrejón, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Antonio J. Morales-Artacho, and Slobodan Jaric

Differences Between Relative and Absolute Speed and Metabolic Thresholds in Rugby League
Tannath J. Scott, Heidi R. Thornton, Macfarlane T.U. Scott, Ben J. Dascombe, and Grant M. Duthie

Improvement of Oxygen-Uptake Kinetics and Cycling Performance With Combined Prior Exercise and Fast Start
Kirsty Brock, Prokopios Antonellis, Matthew I. Black, Fred J. DiMenna, Anni Vanhatalo, Andrew M. Jones, and Stephen J. Bailey

Variability, Predictability, and Race Factors Affecting Performance in Elite Biathlon
Øyvind Skattebo and Thomas Losnegard

Comparison of Methods of Calculating Dynamic Strength Index
Paul Comfort, Christopher Thomas, Thomas Dos’Santos, Paul A. Jones, Timothy J. Suchomel, and John J. McMahon

Differences in the Load–Velocity Profile Between 4 Bench-Press Variants
Amador García-Ramos, Francisco Luis Pestaña-Melero, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Francisco Javier Rojas, and Guy Gregory Haff

Marathon Pace Control in Masters Athletes
Derek Breen, Michelle Norris, Robin Healy, and Ross Anderson

Relationships Between Model Estimates and Actual Match-Performance Indices in Professional Australian Footballers During an In-Season Macrocycle
Stuart R. Graham, Stuart Cormack, Gaynor Parfitt, and Roger Eston

An Alternative Test of Tackling Ability in Rugby League Players
Michael J.A. Speranza, Tim J. Gabbett, David A. Greene, Rich D. Johnston, Andrew D. Townshend, and Brett O’Farrell

Prediction of the Maximum Number of Repetitions and Repetitions in Reserve From Barbell Velocity
Amador García-Ramos, Alejandro Torrejón, Belén Feriche, Antonio J. Morales-Artacho, Alejandro Pérez-Castilla, Paulino Padial, and Guy Gregory Haff

Comparison of the Effects of Performance Level and Sex on Sprint Performance in the Biathlon World Cup
Harri Luchsinger, Jan Kocbach, Gertjan Ettema, and Øyvind Sandbakk

The Role of the Rating-of-Perceived-Exertion Template in Pacing
Wouter Schallig, Tim Veneman, Dionne A. Noordhof, José A. Rodríguez-Marroyo, John P. Porcari, Jos J. de Koning, and Carl Foster

Reliability of Urinary Dehydration Markers in Elite Youth Boxers
Damir Zubac, Drazen Cular, and Uros Marusic

Effect of Body Composition on Physiological Responses to Cold-Water Immersion and the Recovery of Exercise Performance
Jessica M. Stephens, Shona L. Halson, Joanna Miller, Gary J. Slater, Dale W. Chapman, and Christopher D. Askew


A Scientific Approach to Improve Physiological Capacity of an Elite Cyclist Bent R. Rønnestad and Joar HansenVariation of Age-Related Changes in Endurance Performance Between Modes of Locomotion in Men: An Analysis of Master World Records
Romuald Lepers, Paul J. Stapley, and Thomas Cattagni

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