International Journal of Sport Finance, Volume 17, 2022, Issue 4



2020 Peter Sloane Award: Honoring the Contribution of Stefan Kesenne to European Sports Economics
Robert Simmons, Marijke Taks, and Pamela Wicker

Could More Dunking Really Help the WNBA?
Nefertiti Walker, Thomas Allred, and David Berri

Position Premium in Major League Soccer
David Butler, Dennis Coates

Nepotism in the NHL? Family Relationships and the NHL Draft
Rodney J. Paul, Nick Riccardi, and Steven DiMaria

Consumer and Employer Discrimination in Professional Sports Markets: New Evidence from Major League Baseball
Wolfgang Maennig, Steffen Q. Mueller

Matt Hendricks of the Washington Capitals, and John Tavares of the New York Islanders face-off during a NHL game at Nassau Coliseum March 9, 2013:. (Shutterstock/Jai Agnish)

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