International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport, Volume 21, 2021, Issue 1


The influence of the competition phase and the result of the match on the competitive demands in football 5-a-side for the visually impaired
José M. Gamonales, Jesús Muñoz Jiménez, David Mancha-Triguero & Sergio J. Ibáñez

Effect of racetrack surface on glycolytic activity of trained endurance horses
Paulo Moreira Bogossian, Paula Alessandra Di Filippo & Carlos Rafaell Correia-Oliveira

Interpersonal coordination in tennis: assessing the positional advantage index with Australian Open Hawkeye data
Edda van Meurs, Tim Buszard, Stephanie Kovalchik & Machar Reid

Tactical behaviour differences of high and low-performing youth soccer players in small-sided and conditioned games
Davi Correia da Silva, Mariana Calábria Lopes, Sixto González-Víllora, Hugo Sarmento & Israel Teoldo

Physical fitness and conditioning in badminton school matches: a comparison between modalities and sexes
Daniel Rojas-Valverde, Markel Rico-González, José María Giménez-Egido & José Pino-Ortega

Influence of rule changes on shooting performance in balanced matches between two European water polo championship
Francisco M. Argudo, Pablo García Marín, Pablo J. Borges Hernández & Encarnación Ruíz-Lara

What tactical and technical comments do coaches make during netball matches? A content analysis in netball
Hayden Croft, Kirsten Spencer & Sam Robertson

Analysis of the internal logic of breaking using temporal and sequential parameters
A. Gutiérrez-Santiago, A. Pérez-Portela & I. Prieto-Lage

An analysis of movements with or without back bend of the trunk or large hip extension in 1st Juniors’ Rhythmic Gymnastics World Championship-2019. Is there injury risk for gymnasts?
Ani Agopyan

Observational analysis of technical-tactical performance in initiation to combat in karate
Vanessa Sastre, Daniel Lapresa, Javier Arana, Rafael Ibáñez & M. Teresa Anguera

In-match penalty kick analysis of the 2009/10 to 2018/19 English Premier League competition
Michael Horn, Simon de Waal & Wilbur Kraak

The influence of biofeedback on physiological and kinematic variables of treadmill running
Hande Argunsah Bayram & Begum Yalcin

Run-walk marathon pacing: the energy cost of frequent walk breaks
William P. Nolan & Andrew R. Moore

Investigating the inter-country variations in game interruptions across the Big-5 European football leagues
Yangqing Zhao & Hui Zhang

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