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  • FD i idrottsvetenskap


  • Institutionen för idrottsvetenskap, Malmö universitet, 205 06 Malmö
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  • Skandinavisk fotboll

Pågående projekt

  • Scandinavian women’s football goes global – a cross-national study of sports labour migration as challenge and opportunity for Nordic civil society

Publikationer i urval

  • Fotbollssupporterns dramaturgi. Examensarbete, Institutionen för Idrottsvetenskap, Malmö Högskola 2008
  • “Brand Management as a vantage point for revising developmental opportunities and challenges within contemporary women’s soccer in Sweden: the case of LdB FC Malmö” i Soccer & Society Vol 14, No 6, 2013  Abstract.
  • Identities and Images in Football: A case study of brands and the organisational settings in the development of Scandinavian women’s club football (Malmö Studies in Sport Sciences) Malmö: Bokförlaget 2017 (abstract)


Globalising Women’s Football: Europe, Migration and Professionalization Jean Williams Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group 2013 (recension 140228)
The Balotelli Generation: Issues of Inclusion and Belonging in Italian Football and Society Max Mauro Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group 2016 (recension 180126)
Football, Ethnicity and Community: The Life of an African-Caribbean Football Club Paul Ian Campbell Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group 2016 (Mattias Melkersson 180509)

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