European Sport Management Quarterly, Volume 16, 2016, Issue 5

esmq-dsWhy sponsors should worry about corruption as a mega sport event syndrome
Wojciech Kulczycki & Joerg Koenigstorfer
Pages: 545-574 | DOI: 10.1080/16184742.2016.1188839

hat is the value of a Premier League football club to a regional economy?
Annette Roberts, Neil Roche, Calvin Jones & Max Munday
Pages: 575-591 | DOI: 10.1080/16184742.2016.1188840

Is it really all about money? A study on incentives in elite team sports
Christopher Maier, Herbert Woratschek, Tim Ströbel & Bastian Popp
Pages: 592-612 | DOI: 10.1080/16184742.2016.1188841

Enemies with benefits: the dual role of rivalry in shaping sports fans’ identity
Johannes Berendt & Sebastian Uhrich
Pages: 613-634 | DOI: 10.1080/16184742.2016.1188842

A study on the frequency of participation and time spent on sport in different organisational settings
J. Borgers, K. Breedveld, A. Tiessen-Raaphorst, E. Thibaut, H. Vandermeerschen, S. Vos & J. Scheerder
Pages: 635-654 | DOI: 10.1080/16184742.2016.1196717

The displaced fan: the importance of new media and community identification for maintaining team identity with your hometown team
Dorothy R. Collins, Bob Heere, Stephen Shapiro, Lynn Ridinger & Henry Wear
Pages: 655-674 | DOI: 10.1080/16184742.2016.1200643

Rebranding: the effect of team name changes on club revenue
Nola Agha, Michael M. Goldman & Jess C. Dixon
Pages: 675-695 | DOI: 10.1080/16184742.2016.1210664

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