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The European Journal for Sport & Society is pleased to invite proposals for a thematic Special Issue to be published in October 2020. The purpose of the special issue is to provide a collection of articles on a specific, original topic or area of study which has the potential to be of high interest to readers across Europe and the Globe. Guest Editors who wish to submit a Special Issue should email a proposal to EJSS at by 6 June 2019.

The Editorial board will consider proposals received by this deadline according to several criteria, including:

  1. Quality of the proposal, along with its ambition, relevance and scope.
  2. The extent to which the proposed Special Issue as a whole makes an original, coherent and creative contribution to a field that lies within the scope of the journal.
  3. The extent to which the proposal stimulates wide-ranging debate and cutting edge discussion of a current field of study or issue in the discipline that appeals to a broad audience in political science in Europe and Globally.
  4. The extent to which the proposal seeks to bridge boundaries within and between fields of study in the sociology of sport and beyond through enhancing understanding and dialogue.

The proposal should contain the following information:

  1. Proposed Guest Editor(s)’ names, contact details, and positions, including brief biographical details.
  2. A proposed title for the special issue.
  3. A brief description of the proposal’s rationale, possible scope, its potential for innovation in relation to existing literature, and its likely relevance for readers of the European Journal for Sport and Society (see the EJSS aims and scope).
  4. A one-page summary “call for papers” indicating the main theme, key topics, and/or methodological foci for public submissions to the Special Issue. The balance between open and invited authors for papers included in the special issue must be stipulated. Whilst it is likely most guest editors will utilize a mixture of invited and open submissions, in rare cases Special Issues can include only invited submissions. The need for such an approach, if taken, will have to be justified. In such a case, a list containing 300 word abstracts, information about invited authors and indication of their commitment must be provided.
  5. Details of the origin of the proposal, e.g., a workshop, conference, research project etc.
  6. The stage of development of the proposed issue, including milestones towards completion, including a) submission date of first drafts by individual authors to Guest Editors b) submission of revised papers to Guest Editors following two external reviews per paper c) submission of the draft Special Issue to the EJSS Editorial Board for collective review purposes prior to final decision.

Guest editors will be responsible for assuring that authors adhere to EJSS’ editorial policy and formal guidelines, including for review of papers. Guest Editors will be asked to work according to the following:

6 June 2019 – Deadline for submission of proposals for the Special Issue – to be sent to Co-editor, Adam Evans.
30 June 2019 – Notification of acceptance to the Guest Editors.
5 July 2019 – Issue of the public “call for papers” for the Special Issue.
1 December 2019 – Deadline for first submission of papers. Begin of review and revision process.
29 March 2020 – Deadline for submission of production-ready final manuscripts.


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