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Gertrude "Tiby" Eisen. From the American Jewish Historical Society Photography Collection.
Gertrude “Tiby” Eisen. From the American Jewish Historical Society Photography Collection.

Jewish Sports Heritage magazine is a quarterly journal that focuses on the subject of Jews in sports. We are seeking compelling essays, insightful commentaries, critical analyses and topical symposiums on the most pressing sports issues of the day along with new perspectives on historical subjects. Our goal is to provide critical perspectives on a variety of subjects and current events in the world of Jews in sports.

We are looking to include submissions from a variety of sources, already established writers along with new writers, including undergraduate and graduate students. We seek to broaden the interpretive range, imaginative scope and prospective application to ongoing issues in the world of sports, emerging trends as well as looking at past accomplishments in a new light.

Jewish Sports Heritage is accepting the following kinds of submissions on topical issues or debates, historical subjects or debates:

  • Research essays; open to interpretation;
  • Commentary; social scientific assessment of events, journalistic reportage and public discourse;
  • Conversations: interviews with those involved in sports as related to the topic of Jews in sports;
  • Photo essays;
  • Book reviews; assessments of recently released trade books; reviews of academic books relating to Jews in sports;
  • Debates.

We invite both proposals and submissions. Proposals should be submitted by April 1. Submissions are due by June 1. Both may be sent as email attachments and will be subject to review. To submit content, please email submissions to For general questions and inquiries, please contact Alan Freedman at

Alan Freedman
Jewish Sports Heritage Association
(516) 773-2413

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