Call for Papers | World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport 2022 & International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport 2022 | Vienna, Austria, September 10–13, 2022. Call ends April 30, 2022


The World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport 2022 & International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport 2022 (WCPAS2022 & IACSS2022) is planned to be held in Vienna Austria, from the 10.– 13. September 2022. The program will include presentations from renowned keynote speakers and leading experts, as well as oral and poster presentations from world-class researchers touching on cutting edge subjects and newest technologies from the field of Performance Analysis and Computer Science in Sport.

In this regard we would like to invite interested colleagues to submit an abstract to our congress. The submission deadline is the 30.04.2022 and for more information relating to guidelines or other congress relevant news you may visit our website (here).

Below you will find a short summery of the submission information.

Submission Guidelines

All papers must be original and not simultaneously submitted to another journal or conference.

Instructions for presenting conference attendees and speakers

These instructions will ensure we have everything required so your abstract can move through peer review, production and publication smoothly. Please take the time to read and follow them as closely as possible.

Abstract guidelines for the World Congress of Performance Analysis of Sport (WCPAS2022) & the International Symposium on Computer Science in Sport (IACSS2022) (Format as used by The International Journal of Performance Analysis in Sport). The abstract must not exceed 400-500 words (excluding title of abstract, authors‘ names and addresses as well as references) and it must summarise the presentation, giving a clear indication of why the work was undertaken (Introduction), the methodology, a summary of the results and discussion, and the conclusions it contains. Also Statements like “Data will be presented and discussed” is not acceptable.

It should be written in Times New Roman font size 12, single line spaced. An abstract template can be downloaded on the website.

Authors should submit all files in electronic form via EasyChair. To be able to submit abstracts, all authors must use an existing EasyChair account or create one. A manual to create an EasyChair account can be found on our website.

Poster Guidelines

More information can be found on our website.

List of Topics

Topics include but are not limited to:

      • Sports Performance
      • Performance Analysis in Youth Sport
      • Performance Analysis in Health and Senior Sport
      • Performance Analysis of Elite Athletes and Teams
      • Technology and Performance Analysis Systems
      • Technology in Sports Coaching
      • Computer Science in Sport
      • Data Analytics
      • Virtual Reality
      • Robotics
      • Information Systems
      • Machine Learning and Data Mining
      • Visualization and Visual Analytics

For the full list of themes and topics please visit our website.


All authors of accepted abstracts will also have the possibility to submit a full-text version of their submission to be considered for publication in our Congress-Proceedings.

Any authors that would like their submission to be considered for publication in the proceedings are to select the option “Consideration Request (Proceedings)” in EasyChair during the Abstract submission process. (Note: Only Accepted Abstracts will be considered for publication, after which you will be prompted to submit a Full-Text version of your article)

The Deadline for submission will be one month before Congress begins.


Juliana Exel
WCPAS2022 & IACSS2022 organizing committee
Department of Sport Science
Biomechanics, Kinesiology and Computer Science
Universität Wien
+43 68181821294

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