Call for Papers till temanummer om OS i London och Rio de Janeiro

The International and Multi-disciplinary Journal Reflective Practice

Special issue: Learning from London – Reflecting for Rio: Creating a legacy for coaching and achieving high performance

Editors: Sarah Lee, Martin Dixon & Tony Ghaye

‘Reflective Practice’ is the leading refereed journal in its field. This post London 2012 Special Issue invites papers which link reflective practices with high performance, positivity and standout coaching. Reflecting on the success of the 2012 Olympics & Paralympics in London, UK and looking forward to Rio, Brazil 2016, we encourage contributions which aim to explore lessons learnt from Olympic preparation, performance and achievement and the legacy that has ensued. We are seeking a variety of perspectives from a range of sports and invite papers from any discipline or profession to contribute to the journal’s theme:

Contributions can focus on one or more of the reflective themes below.

Building and Sustaining High Performance Environments:
Lessons learned about the nature of the performance environment, how it is created and sustained to enable individuals, teams and squads to reach their optimal performance and achieve success.

Standout Coaching:
Analytic stories, critical narratives and visual essays of successful coaching practices that illuminate the interplay of choice, chance and opportunity during London 2012.

The Athletic Team:
Reflections on the nature of support needed, behind the athlete, to achieve high performance including issues of funding, lifestyle and well-being.

The Psychology of Performance:
Heroes and villains, elation and relief, sacrifice and success: Reflective accounts of the emotionality of high performance.

Expressions of Interest: As we are anticipating considerable interest in this Issue, we invite Expressions of Interest in the form of a 300 word draft Abstract to be submitted to Sarah Lee. E-mail: by 14th November, 2012 Publication: Issue 5, (October, 2013)

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