Call for Papers | “The Uniqueness of the Sport Context” | Special Issue of the Journal of Global Sport Management. Call ends March 31, 2018

Manuscripts are currently being solicited for an upcoming special issue of the Journal of Global Sport Management dedicated to the uniqueness of the sport context. Submission Deadline: March 31, 2018


A premise for the establishment of specialized sport management education programs is the uniqueness of the sport industry. Common notions to support this claim include the simultaneous nature of sport production and consumption, the perishable nature of the sport product, and the inability to guarantee consumer satisfaction with an unpredictable outcome. Such aspects also extend into professional sport enterprise where the largest sources of revenue can emanate from extraneous sources (e.g., media rights) as opposed to ticket sales, and even sport industry career paths, which are not as well defined as other industries. However, as the field of sport management has evolved, challenges have been raised concerning the uniqueness of sport management education content and research (Slack, 1998). Accordingly, this special issue welcomes submissions that highlight or even demonstrate the uniqueness of the sport context. Authors might propose or test a theory unique to sport, demonstrate how a commonly accepted theory in a different context would need modification in the sport context, or highlight an emerging unique aspect of sport through an empirical or theoretical/conceptual approach. Potential areas of research include, but are not restricted to:

    • Sport Organization and Governance
    • Sport Policy
    • Sport Media and Communication
    • Sport Development
    • Sport Human Resource Management
    • Sport Consumer Psychology
    • Sport Event and Tourism
    • Sport Marketing
    • Sport, Culture, and Management
    • Legal Issues in Sport Management
    • Sport Economics and Finance

Submissions should be made via the journal’s online submission system, ScholarOne; authors should indicate in their cover letter that the submission is to be considered for the Special Issue on the uniqueness of the sport context. Questions related to the special issue may be directed to the guest editors.

Guest Editors

  • Damon P.S. Andrew, PhD, Dean and E.B. “Ted” Robert Endowed Professor, College of Human Sciences and Education, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, LA, USA (
  • John Grady, JD, PhD, Associate Professor of Sport and Entertainment Management, Department of Sport and Entertainment Management, University of South Carolina, Columbia, SC, USA (
  • Seungmo Kim, PhD, Assistant Professor of Sport Management, Department of Physical Education, Hong Kong Baptist University, Kowloon Tong, Hong Kong, CHINA (
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