Call for Papers | “The emergence of e-sports: Challenges and Opportunities” | Special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy. Call ends 2017-07-18

Guest editors: José Luis Pérez Triviño and Francisco Javier López Frías

An article in TIME Magazine regarded the emergence of e-Sports as one of the most profound and challenging advances in contemporary sport culture. E-sports constitute a social phenomenon that brings together millions of players and has become a business of enormous proportions. As a consequence of the increasing relevance and success of e-sports, a debate has been raised within international sport organizations on the recognition of e-sports not only as real sports but also as Olympic sports. This raises important questions within the philosophy of sport, especially related to the ontological nature of both e-sports and sports. However, the debate on the ontology of e-sports does not exhaust the possibilities of the philosophical debate on e-sports. Issues related to the governance of e-sports competitions, the organization of e-sports institutions, and the relationship between e-sports and human nature, among others, are relevant as well.

This special issue of Sport, Ethics, and Philosophy is dedicated to the main conceptual, philosophical, moral and legal questions that are being raised by the development of e-sports in the context of sport and physical education. We invite scholars to submit papers for this special issue. The following topics and question could be addressed in more detail:

    • E-sports and the definition of sport.
    • Ethical issues within e-sports competitions. Doping, match-fixing, cheating, etc.
    • E-sports and sport aesthetics.
    • E-sports and the interpretation of sporting rules.
    • E-sports competitions and institutions. Ethics and good governance
    • E-sports and anthropology (the sporting body in a digital environment).
    • E-sports and new technologies. A new sport paradigm?
    • E-sports and legal issues: the creation of associations, the legal forms of e-sports clubs, the structure of e-sports competitions, and the legal status of e-sports players.

Those interested in contributing with a manuscript to the special issue, please, submit a tentative title and a brief abstract for review (500 words) to the editors.

For further questions and inquiries, contact Jose Luis Perez ( and Francisco Javier López (

Abstract deadline: July 18, 2017. Notification of abstract acceptance by August 9, 2017. Full manuscript Deadline: September 31, 2017.

Length: 6,000-8,000 words (inclusive of references and notes).

Further information about the journal to be found here, and instructions for authors here.

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