Call for Papers | “The Big Questions for Sport Tourism Destinations” | Special issue of Journal of Sport & Tourism

js&t-dsThe Journal of Sport & Tourism is approaching its 20th Anniversary Year. To mark this anniversary four special issues of the journal are planned over the next two years focusing on the ‘Big Questions’ for research into sport and tourism. The first of these was previously announced as ‘Active Sport Tourism,’ with this call related to the second special issue on ‘Sport Tourism Destinations’.

Destinations include the places, landscapes and communities where sport tourism development takes place. Whether sport tourism development takes the form of sport events, active participation in sport, and/or sports nostalgia/heritage, it draws on local resources and forms part of the complex dynamic of daily life. As such, sport tourism has implications for residents and destinations that may benefit from, or incur the costs of development which may or may not be sustainable. This special issue of the Journal of Sport & Tourism will feature papers that provide insight into the sustainability of sport tourism destinations at local, regional, state and national levels.

Three fundamental questions will underpin this issue: (1) What do we know; (2) What don’t we know; and (3) What do we need to know about the role of sport tourism in the sustainability of destinations? To address these critical questions, a multidisciplinary approach will be taken, with contributions encouraged from a range of disciplinary perspectives including: economics, politics, business studies, marketing, geography, sociology, psychology, cultural studies, social anthropology and other relevant fields. Insights into development policy and implications for sports tourism destinations of different scales are particularly encouraged.

Possible topics include, however are not limited to, submissions on:

    • Sport mega events and destination sustainability
    • Implications of hosting a mega event v a portfolio of smaller events
    • Life cycles of sports and destinations
    • Dynamic and evolving sport tourism markets
    • Emerging destinations and markets
    • Sport product development and tourism
    • Open and closed systems analysis (local – global sustainability issues)
    • Environmental impacts of nature-based sports
    • Climate change and resource dynamics
    • Extreme weather events and seasonality
    • Delivery of sport tourism products (e.g., legal issues)
    • Destination capacity (e. infrastructure)
    • Transport and sustainability
    • Social capital/impacts
    • Government policy and/or regulation in sport tourism development
    • Sport tourism strategies for sustainable development
    • The role of sport tourism in destination promotion, branding, image and/or the of creation local identity
    • Sport tourism and sustainability in less developed contexts
    • Host-guest relations
    • Crime in sport tourism destinations
    • Sport, tourism and community sustainability issues (e.g., volunteerism)

A two-step paper review process will be used:

1. Submission of abstract

The abstracts will be reviewed by the editors and selected authors will be invited to submit full papers via the on-line system and blind review process.

Word count: 250 words.
Deadline: 30 June 2015.
Submission: By email to Prof. Tom Hinch (University of Alberta):

Questions: Via email to any of the three special issue guest editors (see below).

Please use the following format for the abstract:

  1. Title
  2. Authorship
  3. Author affiliations
  4. Corresponding author and contact information
  5. Key Words (maximum of six key words)
  6. Abstract (please use the 5 sub-sections below to structure the abstract)
    1. Purpose
    2. Core Disciplinary/Theoretical approach
    3. Design/methodology/approach
    4. Findings
    5. Originality/value

2. Submission of full papers

Full papers will be invited upon review of abstracts. Full papers should be submitted through the Journal of Sport & Tourism online submission system for double blind peer review. Please indicate that the paper is submitted for consideration for the Sport Tourism Destinations special issue at the point of online submission.

Word count: Full papers should not exceed 8000 words
Deadline 15 December 2015
Submission: Online via
Submission guidelines and author information, click here!

Guest editors:

The Guest Editors welcome approaches from authors who would like to discuss potential papers for this special issue. Please don’t hesitate to contact us directly for more information, or to circulate this call for papers to interested colleagues.

Journal of Sport & Tourism (Taylor and Francis) Journal information can be found here!

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