Call for Papers: Temanummer av European Sport Management Quarterly

We are Inviting you to submit your research to the forthcoming special issue on 

‘Value Co-Creation in Sport Management

to be published in European Sport Management Quarterly with Guest Editors: Herbert Woratschek, Chris Horbel and Bastian Popp.

The aim of this ESMQ Special Issue is to spark the debate over value co-creation in the context of sport management, to develop better theories, and to provide guidelines for sport managers for the design of value creation as a collaborative relational and dynamic process between multiple actors.

Traditionally, the role of management of profit and non-profit organisations in the field of sport has been focussed on the effective use of the firm’s resources in order to create products and services which provide high value to customers… read more here.

Key Details
It is anticipated that the special issue will be published in February 2014.

Papers should be submitted no later than April 15th 2013 via Manuscript Central.  Please indicate that the manuscript is a candidate for the special issue ‘Value Co-Creation in Sport Management’.

Further guidelines can be found here.

If you have any questions on the ESMQ special issue please contact the guest editors at:

Kind regards,
Zita Balogh
Routledge Sport & Leisure Journals

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