Call for Papers | “Creating and Managing a Sustainable Sporting Future” | Special issue of Managing Sport and Leisure. Call ends February 8, 2018

Guest Editors

This special issue entitled “Creating and Managing a Sustainable Sporting Future” contributes to a critical understanding of the challenges key stakeholders across the globe encounter as they seek to manage periods of transition brought about by public policy change relating to sport and leisure provision. Such challenges are for example, currently evident in the UK where, the Sporting Future: A New Strategy for an Active Nation policy which was launched by the Department for Culture Media and Sport (DCMS) in December 2015, promoted an alternative vision for the development of a physically active nation through engagement with a broader physical culture. This engagement typically requires established stakeholders across the sports sector to take account of and operate as part of new configurations of actors where partnerships are encouraged with a range of public, private and third sector physical and community development organisations.

The emerging strategies to promote physically active nations through engagement with such projects, in turn link to community, environmental and civic educational initiatives, as well as health promotion. Seeking a wider range of outcomes through sport-based interventions and establishment of partnerships with non-sport sectors is characteristic of policy aspirations internationally. This special issue seeks to uncover the global challenges in terms of managing the re-orientation of stakeholder activities and organisational strategies in response to such re-alignment of sport policy. The special issue is linked to, and triggered by, the thematic problematics of the UK Sport Development Network (UKSDN) conference 2017 “Creating and Managing a Sustainable Sporting Future: Issues, Pathways and Opportunities” (


    • Response of public health communities to policy change
    • Sustaining community sport in new policy environment
    • Promotion of a volunteering culture: policy implications
    • Challenges particular to the rural environment
    • Implications for a sustainable funding strategy
    • Promoting inclusion as part of policy outcomes
    • Innovations from practice in the face of change (case study based)

Additional topics to consider

    • Managing sport and leisure development within the education sector
    • The relationship between mass participation sport and elite sport development
    • Cross-sector collaborations
    • Sustainability broadly defined: implications for the management of sport and leisure organisations
    • Examples of organisations demonstrating agency in the policy process

The call welcomes and encourages manuscripts from those who presented papers at the UKSDN conference 2017 and, equally, from academics and practitioners who form part of the wider research community, where interests align with the themes identified above. For all proposals, authors should submit an abstract (250 – 300 words) to the guest editors*, by the date indicated in the timeline below.


    • Thursday 8 February 2018 – Submission of abstracts (to guest editors)
    • Thursday 1 March 2018 – Response to proposals
    • Friday 8 June 2018 – Submission of full papers
    • Monday 9 July 2018 – Initial decisions / reviews sent to authors
    • Monday 27 August – Submission of revised papers
    • Monday 17 September 2018 – Final decisions
    • Monday 8 October 2018 – Online publication of accepted articles

Length of the papers

It is anticipated that papers included in this special issue will be between 5000 and 6000 words. Manuscripts exceeding this length will be critically reviewed and if appropriate can extend to 7000 words.

Submission guidelines

Manuscripts can be theoretical or empirical in nature and will undergo a double-blind review. Please indicate in the title page that your manuscript is a candidate for the special issue. Submissions to Managing Sport and Leisure are made using Scholar One Manuscripts, the journal online submission and peer review system. Registration and access is available at:

Papers must be formatted in strict accordance with Managing Sport and Leisure style guidelines. To view the complete instructions for authors, please go to:

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