Call for Papers | 11th  Annual CSRI Conference on College Sport | USC Alumni Center, April 12–14, 2018. Call ends January 19, 2018

Oregon State basketball team, 1900.

The College Sport Research Institute welcomes the submission of abstracts for its 11th annual CSRI Conference on College Sport to be held at the USC Alumni Center.

The conference’s mission is to

Provide students, scholars, and college-sport practitioners with a public forum to discuss relevant and timely college sport issues.

Submission guidelines

To be considered for acceptance, abstracts must reflect research on college-sport history, social- cultural college-sport issues, legal theory or the application of law to college-sport issues, business-related issues in college sport, or special topics related to current college-sport issues. The research should have reached a fairly complete stage of development, and the abstract should provide enough detail about the research so the reviewers have sufficient information to judge its quality. Abstracts proposing teaching-related sessions on college-sport issues will also be considered, as long as the abstract provides sufficient detail to judge the quality of the proposed session.

Abstracts will undergo a multi-person, blind-review process to determine acceptance.

Abstracts submitted to CSRI should not be concurrently submitted for consideration to another conference. Abstracts submitted by students must have advisor approval. No one person may submit more than two proposals ( this includes co-presenting).

Submission deadline: 

Abstracts will be accepted until Tuesday, January 19, 2018 (11:59p.m. EST).

Abstract format and submission procedures

All abstracts must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word attachment and must contain the following information and conform to the following format requirements:

  • Single-spaced
  • One-inch margins,
  • Times New Roman 12-point font, and
  • 400-word maximum for poster presentations. 800-word maximum for 30-minute oral presentations & 65-minute symposia, panels, roundtables, or workshops. (NOTE: References should be included for in-text )

Abstract format

Line 1: Type of session desired (choose from the options below):

  • Poster presentation
  • 30-minute oral presentation (including questions)
  • 65-minute symposium, panel, roundtable, or workshop

Line 2: three to four keywords that will help the program coordinator schedule similar topics in succession

Line 3: author(s) and institution(s) names (centered on page) Line 4: presentation title (centered on page)

Line 5: blank

Line 6 to end: text of abstract (including demonstration of research conducted) In your email please include the corresponding author’s contact information.

Submission of abstract(s) indicates the intent of the presenter(s) to register for the conference at the appropriate registration fee.

Email all abstracts to CSRI Conference Abstract Review Committee at NOTE: All abstracts must be submitted electronically as a Microsoft Word attachment.

For more information regarding the conference:, or call at: 803.777.0658  / 803.777.5550
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