Call for Book Chapters: Daughters of Candace – Tracking Black Women’s Sport History (deadline June 1, 2014)

“Candace” by Mshindo Kuumba For Daughters Of Candace.
“Candace” by Mshindo Kuumba For Daughters Of Candace.

Black Women’s Bodies Can Be Defined As Locations Of Victory

Editors of a forthcoming book, Daughters of Candace: Tracking Black Women’s Sport History, seek to explore the contours of African American women’s participation in physical contests. This project will illuminate the legacy of several dynasties of Nubian queens known as Candace, or Kandake, and unearth the buried legends of victory that are grounded in African lands. Ta-seti, an ancient name for Nubia, was translated as “land of the bow,” and indicated the Nubian reputation for archery. Modern Black women have excelled internationally in several sports including auto racing, baseball, basketball, bobsled, bowling, dance, fencing, golf, horse racing, ice hockey, ice skating, lacrosse, martial arts, roller derby, rowing, soccer, softball, stunts, swimming, track, and volleyball.

Excavating the history of over 150 Africana women’s athletic prowess can offer tools for imaginative redefinition of how Black women’s bodies are viewed, interpreted, and lived – on the field and off. For more information on our game, including the full call for book chapters and resource list, visit


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