Baltic Journal of Health and Physical Activity Volume 6, Issue 2

bjhpa-dsThe Effect of a 6-Week Plyometric Training on Explosive Power in Volleyball Players
Jastrzebski, Zbigniew / Wnorowski, Krzysztof / Mikolajewski, Ryszard / Jaskulska, Ewelina / Radziminski, Lukasz
Page 79

Assessment of the Impact of One-Year Training in Acrobatic Rock’n’Roll on Overall Motor Coordination in Eight-Year-Old Children
Walaszek, Robert / Nosal, Tomasz
Page 90

The Method of Goalkeeper’s Evaluation in Futsal
Szwarc, Andrzej / Oszmaniec, Mateusz / Lipinska, Patrycja
Page 100

Corrective Gymnastics and Motor Skills of Five-and Six-Year-Old Children
Rokicka-Hebel, Monika
Page 114

Sense of Coherence as a Moderator of Health-Related Behavior of Physical Education Teachers
Szczepanska-Klunder, Zaneta / Lipowski, Mariusz
Page 127

The Role of Selected Intrapsychic Factors in Alpine Skiing Instruction
Makowski, Krzysztof / Aschenbrenner, Piotr / Krawczynski, Bartosz
Page 135

Systematic Review of the Bioecological Theory in Sport Sciences
Domingues, Marcio / Goncalves, Carlos Eduardo Barros
Page 142

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