20 years anniversary

ANNIVERSARY WEEK | On June 6, we, the people that bring you idrottsforum.org on a daily basis, were celebrating that on that day 20 years ago idrottsforum.org entered the Internet. One might feel inclined to claim that a whole new era in the dissemination of information about academic sport studies was entered into that day.
There were loud cheers and glasses raised at the editorial offices of idrottsforum.org during the day. We are in fact rather proud of what we have achieved during the past two decades. Just take a look at the first front page that was published. Quite an accomplishment in the day,  but so different from today when idrottsforum.org is an English-language international player, with almost 70 percent of the readership from outside of Scandinavia, and with an increasing number of contributions written by international scholars.
However proud we may be, though, complacency is not in sight. We will keep on working to make idrottsforum.org better and even more relevant for anyone anywhere with a scholarly interest in the ever-widening field of sports.