Workshop on social media and sport at ECSS Amsterdam 2014

Andy Miah and Kate Nuttall.
Andy Miah and Kate Nuttall.

What’s trending at #ECSS2014? Workshop hosted by Professor Andy Miah, with special guests, and coordinated by Kate Nuttall, on behalf of ECSS.  Check out the ECSS 2014 homepage.


This workshop on social media and sport will take you from newbie to guru in 3 hours. Bring your mobile devices, sit back, and get online. We will cover some of the most prominent social media platforms, while also discussing mobile apps, big data, plugins, extensions, and new digital tools for research. Across the three hours, we will cover the following platforms and more: Facebook, Google (Drive, Chrome, Glass), If this then that, Runtastic, Twitter, YouTube. 

In fact, we would like you to shape the content of this session by taking our poll. Tell us what you want to hear about and we will tailor the content accordingly.

Click the following link to let us know. 

Here is a breakdown of the workshop by hour. Come along for the duration, or just for the hour that suits your level. Please register early, as we have a cap on attendance!

Hour 1: Novice

Social media and academic life 

How are scientists using social media to develop their research and their research impact? What needs to change within academic life to accommodate the new ways we search, discover, and archive work? This session explores some of the data that reveals how social media is changing research and teaching, looking at the consequences this has for undertaking academic work. It will also discuss some of the major platforms that have already established new academic communities, such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube.

Hour 2: Intermediate

Getting the most out of your device 

This session features presentations and demonstrations of some new mobile apps, many of which can be utilised within research, or as a way of advancing public engagement with science. It also looks at a number of third party applications, which can help you aggregate content from your social media platforms, develop a more advanced workflow, and discuss some of the new trends in digital technology, including Google Glass and biodigital devices. It will also include a 3-min open mic session for audience members to share something they are enthusiastic about in social media.

Hour 3: Guru

Sport and social media: the emergence of a research field 

This final session proposes social media as an emerging field of research for sport scientists. It outlines some of the innovative ways that social media is being used by the sports industry, some of the key ways that scientists are analysing what takes place in social media, and some of the key trends in this new research domain which foreground new areas of future analysis. The format will take the form of an overview presentation and discussion, including new, unpublished findings from the Sochi 2014 Olympic Winter Games.


Professor Andy Miah (@andymiah) is Director of the Creative Futures Institute, University of the West of Scotland. He is the International Olympic Committee Young Reporters mentor for social media and recently conducted social media research at Sochi 2014. He is currently completing a book called ‘Sport 2.0’ for The MIT Press and another called ‘Social Media & the Olympic Games’ for the Russian International Olympic University. 

Kate Nuttall (@k8nuttall) is Publisher at Routledge, Taylor & Francis, UK. She managed sport science and sport studies journals for 5 years before moving to health and psychology. She recently championed the utilisation of social media within academic journals, developing Twinterviews and writing Social Media Editor guidelines for Taylor & Francis. She also works closely with the ECSS on PR and communications.

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