Welcome to a day of exciting lectures at Malmö University on Tuesday, June 23

Are you arriving early for this year’s ECSS Congress?

Don’t miss out on some interesting lectures at Malmö University.


Coinciding with the Congress, there will be a PhD-course, Scientific Quality, Position and Relevance in Sport Sciences. As part of the course we offer a set of interesting lectures, by eminent and experienced scholars in the fields of sport studies and sport science, on Tuesday, June 23. These lectures are open also for ECSS participants not attending the course as well as to the general public. Still, you will have to declare your intention yo attend the lectures to veronica.sjoholm@mah.se.

Richard Tinning, Angela Schneider, Hans Westerbeek, Jim Parry
Richard Tinning, Angela Schneider, Hans Westerbeek, Jim Parry

Schedule for the day

10.00-11.00: Prof. Richard Tinning, University of Queensland, AUS
“An odyssey in the raise and falls in the development of sport science”

11.30-12.30: Prof. Angela Schneider, Western University, CAN
“The problems and opportunities in mixing social and natural science in sport studies”

14.00-15.00: Prof. Hans Westerbeek, Victoria University, AUS
“The problems and opportunities of applied, multi-disciplinary, science”

15.30-16.30: Prof. Jim Parry, University of Leeds, GB
“Sport and Sustainability – Ethics and Integrity”

Location: Room F415, Orkanen, Malmö University


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