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    Doktorandkurs | Idrottens och friluftslivets miljöutmaningar, 7,5 hp. Malmö universitet, HT 2021

    Syftet med kursen är att du ska tillägna dig fördjupade kunskaper om idrottens och friluftslivets miljöpåverkan och miljöutmaningar historiskt och i dagens samhälle och hur de kan förstås utifrån sammanhang i tid och rum. Viktiga utgångspunkter är idrotten och friluftslivet som samhällsfenomen, rörelser och politikområden. Kursen behandlar olika aspekter av idrottens och friluftslivets utmaningar såsom historiska perspektiv, transporter, material och teknik, mark-och vatten användning, event, politik och påverkansinstrument.

    Call for Applications | The ISHPES Ph.D Summer School 2021: “Doing, Writing, Thinking Sport History” | University of Lausanne, August 29 – September 2, 2021. Application deadline April...

    This course aims to provide a unique environment for PhD students who seek to develop skills around sport history, and to improve their network in the field. Lectures given by leading experts will cover specific methodological aspects and new issues in the field of sport history. Participants will also have the opportunity to present and discuss their own research in specific sessions.

    Call for Applications | “Culture, Sport and Society” | PhD Course, Umeå University, June 8–12,2020. Apply before April 15, 2020

    The aim of the course is to advance student interest in, and understanding of, the social and cultural aspects of sport, with particular reference to broader issues of culture, cultural production and cultural politics. The course will feature a mix of lectures, seminars and workshops on these themes. Lectures and seminars will be given by leading academics from European universities.

    Call for Participation | Course in interpretative writing in the sport sciences, 7,5 credits | Örebro University, September & December 2030. Apply before August 31, 2020

    In three sections, this course covers (1) Nuts and bolts of writing, scientific writing, and interpretative writing with and without a theoretical perspective; (2) Examples of interpretative/analytic writing; and (3) Writing an interpretative text. The course will entail writing exercises and students are expected to independently compose an interpretative text, which may consist of interpretation of literature or data, and/or a discussion of scientific data.

    Call fo Applications | Summer School in history and sociology of sport | Paris, France, June 22–26, 2020. Apply before March 1, 2020

    The course is addressed to PhD students and young researchers and intends to support them in their scientific work. It offers students the opportunity of acquiring new knowledge, of presenting their research, of discussing problems, of obtaining advices from experts and of building up professional networks. It is intended to help young researchers to become integrated into the scientific community. 

    Doktorandkurs: Föreningsidrottens demokratiska utmaningar | Stockholms universitet den 19–20 september 2019 | Anmälan snarast, begränsat antal

    Denna kurs tar avstamp i de senaste årens tillagande intresse för forskning om demokrati och styrningsprocesser och applicerar denna forskning på föreningsidrottens utveckling över tid. Den behandlar hur den organiserade idrotten har styrts, hur demokratin har fungerat internt inom idrottsrörelsen och vilken roll den har spelat för demokratiutvecklingen i samhället i stort.

    Call for Participation | Sport and Society: Power, Inequality and Technology | PhD Course, 7,5 ECTS, September 17–20, 2019, Nord University, Bodø, Norway

    The aim of this PhD course is to provide PhD students with more in-depth knowledge about three central aspects within social scientific inquiry into sport today: power, inequality and technology (e.g. how technology enables the development of new sports, understanding the link between power relations and social inequality in sport, and considering the role of new technology in how we understand and analyze sport).

    Call for Participation | Exercise, Health and Social Science: Current Approaches, Future Challenges | PhD course at the Dept. of Nutrition, Exercise and Sport, University of Copenhagen. Call ends...

    The aim of the course is to provide PhD students with in-depth knowledge about how social scientific inquiry has been used to study the link between sport, exercise and health (e.g. understanding rehabilitation programmes, new public health policy, the link between exercise and medicine, and the role for physical activity and exercise in healthcare).

    Call fo Applications | Summer School 2018: Enhancing Research on Physical Activity and Sport in Human and Social Science Perspective” | Department of Sports Sciences, University of Paris-Est, France,...

    Organised during ten years at the university of Copenhagen, the International Summer School for young researchers takes place in Paris since 2016. For the third time, the university Paris-Est hosts students and teachers from all over the world for a summer school based on exchanges between scholars.

    Call for Applications | Summer School 2017: Physical Activity and Sport – Current Discourses and Practices from a Human and Social Science Perspective

    The Summer School provides a space to share information on research, theories and methods as well as to exchange ideas and knowledge about current tendencies and “hot issues” in the multiple arenas of physical activities and sports. The Summer School will provide a forum, which enables communication, networks and cooperation among the participants, students as well as lecturers.
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