Therapeutic Recreation Journal Vol. 49 No. 2

trjResearch Papers

Evaluation of a Modified Yoga Program for Persons with Spinal Cord Injury
Kathryn J. B. Curtis, Sander L. Hitzig, Nicole Leong, Claire E. Wicks, David S. Ditor, Joel Katz

Trend Analysis of Therapeutic Recreation Curricula: 1970-2013
Allison Wilder, Melissa Zahl, Janell Greenwood, Marcia J. Carter, Norma J. Stumbo

Conceptual Papers

Free Sample Article:
Positive Psychology and Leisure Education: A Balanced and Systematic Service Delivery Model
John Dattilo

Theoretical and Philosophical Perspectives

Leisure: A Human Right
Jim Wise

Student Research

The Use of Creative Writing Interventions in Substance Abuse Treatment
Brandon Snead, Debra Pakstis, Breonna Evans, Rhonda Nelson

Promoting Health through Biking Programs for Youth with Developmental Disabilities
Yekaterina Mishin, Brianna Hunt, Kelly Decker, Michael Coley, Rhonda Nelson

The Impact of Dance Interventions on Mood and Depression in Older Adults
Victoria Crumbie, Francesca Olmos, Cassandra Watts, Jacinta Avery, Rhonda Nelson

Book Review

Cultural Competence in Recreation Therapy: Working with African-Americans, Chinese Americans, Japanese Americans, Hmong Americans, Mexican Americans, and Puerto Rican Americans  by J. W. Holland
Angela Hartman

Supporting Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder in Recreation by Phyllis Coyne, Ann Fullerton
Marcia Jean Carter

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