The International Sports Law Journal Volume 13, Issue 1–2

islj-dsAsser International Sports Law Centre
Jack Anderson
Pages 1-2
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Gender equity forty years later: a look at Title IX’s impact on American sport
Paul M. Anderson
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Eliminating sexual violence in schools: implications for athletics administrators in the United States
Barbara Osborne
Pages 9-17
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A pragmatic solution for gender equity in Canadian elite sport
Madeleine Williams
Pages 18-34
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Women’s national leagues: does CEDAW go far enough?
Karen L. Jones
Pages 35-44
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Changing the world: sport, racism and law in South Africa and Malaysia
John O’Leary, Teng Guan Khoo
Pages 45-54
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A need to intercede? The International Olympic Committee and intersexuality
Samiha Dabholkar
Pages 55-59
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Arbitration clauses in sport governing bodies’ statutes: consent or constraint? Analysis from the perspective of Article 6(1) of the European Convention on Human Rights
Jan Łukomski
Pages 60-70
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The Union Cycliste Internationale: a study in the failure of organisational governance of an International Federation
Lloyd Freeburn
Pages 71-81
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Liberalising the service market for satellite transmission: interplay between intellectual property rights, specificity of sport and TFEU economic provisions in Murphy (joined cases C-403/08 and C-429/08)
Katarina Pijetlovic, Katrin Nyman-Metcalf
Pages 82-96
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The taxpayer as the unofficial sponsor of the London 2012 Olympic Games
Karolina Tetłak
Pages 97-103
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The impact of EU on sport broadcasting: what does the line of recent ECJ cases signal about?
Alexander Lelyukhin
Pages 104-131
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World cup 2026 now accepting bribes: a fundamental transformation of FIFA’s world cup bid process
Ryan J. Becker
Pages 132-147
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A tricky European fixture: an assessment of UEFA’s Financial Fair Play regulations and their compatibility with EU law
Christopher A. Flanagan
Pages 148-167
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EU sports law and the equestrian world: a galloping area of increasing importance
Ester Herlin-Karnell
Pages 168-175
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Civil liability of sports participants for sports-related injuries in the Czech Republic
Michal Králík
Pages 176-187
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Lunch and learn: Lance Armstrong case
Tim Wilms
Pages 188-190
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