That Was The Week That Was,
November 7–13, 2022

Dear all,

Yesterday was Father’s Day in Sweden, “Fars Dag”. I spent the day with my family on a modest hike at a nearby recreation site with plenty of woodland routes for more or less exhausting walks. Very nice. The sky was murky and overcast, but weather was mild, calm, and with no precipitation. Picnic lunch was had.
That same evening my daughter surprised me with a congratulatory Father’s Day card of her own making (thrown together in a haste, she said, apologetically), a card featuring myself, at my desk, with all the necessary appurtenances for an evening of voluntary overtime, such as producing this page.
Anyway, last week the following items were published on (see below; language and publication dates, YYMMDD, in brackets). Click on the red headings to go to content. Utilize the Google Translate service to turn Scandinavian language pages into (some sort of) English.
Have a great week,
Kjell Eriksson


Book Reviews

Skateboarding and Urban Landscapes in Asia: Endless Spots
by Duncan McDuie-Ra

With urban development in Asia, cities in the region have become central to skateboarding culture for their endless supply of accidental, attractive ‘spots’ for skateboarding – glitches in the urban machine. In Skateboarding and Urban Landscapes in Asia: Endless Spots (Amsterdam University Press), Duncan McDuie-Ra explores the desire for and consumption of urban Asia. Mark Brooke is quite taken by the author’s rolling ethnography and skateboard cartography, and very appreciative of the list of skate videos in the book. (Review in English published 221108.)

Soccer in Mind: A thinking fan’s guide to the global game
by Andrew M. Guest

From the FIFA World Cup to pick-up games at your local park, soccer is the closest thing in our world to a universal entertainment. Andrew M. Guest’s Soccer in Mind: A thinking fan’s guide to the global game (Rutgers University Press) provides a guide to the world’s most popular game. We asked Arve Hjelseth for a review, and his reading has unearthed refreshing theoretical insights we might have forgotten, and an academic breadth so great that everyone learns at least something new. (Review in English published 221110.)

Kvinnor och män i Lönsboda Pistolskytteklubb 1963–2020: Ett lokalt perspektiv på skytterörelsen i Sverige [Women and men in Lönsboda Pistol Shooting Club 1963–2020: A local perspective on the shooting movement in Sweden]
by Mats Greiff & Anders Lindh

Kvinnor och män i Lönsboda Pistolskytteklubb 1963–2020: Ett lokalt perspektiv på skytterörelsen i Sverige by Mats Greiff och Anders Lindh (Arx Förlag) sheds light on everyday sporting life in the village of Lönsboda in north-eastern Scania, Sweden, during a period of nearly 60 year, based on, among other things, gender and generational aspects. We asked the historian Hans Bolling for a review, and with it we also got some historical background about the status of shooting sports in Sweden. (Book in Swedish, review in Swedish published 221111.)

New Blog Post

Deltakelse i ungdomsidrett: kunnskapsstatus, utviklingspotensial og scenarier [Participation in youth sports: knowledge status, development potential and scenarios] by Mads Skauge

93 per cent of young people in Norway aged 13–18 have at one time or another participated in organized sports. This means that in an average middle school and upper secondary school class of 30 students, there are only two students who have never participated in a sports team. Participation is higher than ever and unique internationally. But instead of praising the sport, I assume the role of critical friend. As Gudmund Hernes has said somewhat breathlessly: “sociologists should not raise the cup, but pour wormwood into it”. (Published in Norwegian 221110.)

New Issues of Scholarly Journals

(We rely heavily on journal publishers delivering on their promises of new issue alerts. Sometimes they don’t.)

  • Sport, Education and Society, Volume 27, 2022, Issue 8 (221107)
  • Soccer & Society, Volume 23, 2022, Issue 7 | The Many Worlds of the World Cup: National Experiences of a Global Event (221108)
  • Women in Sport and Physical Activity Journal, Volume 30, 2022, Number 2 (221109)
  • Recreational Sports Journal, Vol. 46, 2022, Issue 2 (221109)
  • International Journal of Play, Volume 11, 2022, Issue 3 (221111)

News items (calls for papers, vacancies, etc.)

  • Call for Papers | “The Phenomenology of Sport”, Special Issue of Indo-Pacific Journal of Phenomenology | Call ends June 30, 2023 (221108)
  • Call for Papers | Frontiers Research Topic: “Sport and Psychosocial Health/Well-being after the COVID-19 Lockdown” – Volume II. Call ends January 31, 2023 (221108)
  • Streaming of keynote lectures during the 14th annual conference of the Transnational Working Group for the Study of Gender and Sport | November 16–18, 2022 (221109)
  • Företagens webbplatser vänder sig till barnidrott med kommersiella krafter – ny avhandling från Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan GIH (221111)

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