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    Book announcement | Physical Activity: A Multi-disciplinary Introduction, by Nick Draper & Gareth Stratton (eds.)

    Physical activity and its relationship to health is one of the great issues of our age. The causes of, and solutions to, physical inactivity are complex and multi-dimensional, and therefore the subject needs to be studied and understood from a variety of perspectives. This is the first textbook to provide a truly multi-disciplinary introduction to physical activity studies.

    Leisure Studies, Volume 39, 2020, Issue 1 | Leisure and Wellbeing

    Leisure Studies is the journal of the Leisure Studies Association. The emphasis of the journal is on theoretically informed critical analyses within the social sciences and humanities of the wide range of topics that constitute leisure as a subject field – including the arts, tourism, cultural, informal and virtual activities, urban and rural recreation, sport, media and physical activities.

    Not a final statement but a starting point: timely and extremely useful handbook for qualitative sport studies

    Just in time for the publication of Mark Brooke’s review of the Routledge Handbook of Qualitative Research in Sport and Exercise, edited by Brett Smith & Andrew C. Sparkes, Routledge chose to release the paperback edition, thereby decreasing the RRP from £190 to £40 – which is good, given that the book, according to our reviewer, is a valuable tool for social and cultural science scholars in the field of sport and exercise.

    Important study on social exclusion and sports development

    Anne Tjønndal reviews what was to be Mike Collins’ last book, the second edition of Sport and Social Exclusion, originally from 2003, then and now with a contribution by Tess Kay. A solid piece of academic work, concludes our reviewer.

    Idrott mot marginalisering

    Anders Östnäs Som framgår av titeln är utgångspunkten för Sport ans Social Exclusion av Michael F. Collins social exklusion relaterat till olika dimensioner av det breda idrottsfältet. Collins har i över 30 år varit verksam inom ”sport policy” i England – som administratör, forskare och föreläsare. De senaste 14 åren har han verkat som direktör för Institute of Sports Planning and Management...

    Idealisk lärobok om idrott och samhälle

    Bosse Carlsson Routledge har nyligen gett ut fyra volymer (1 700 sidor) med den ambitiösa, men mindre upplysande, titeln Sport. Det är Eric Dunning och Dominic Malcom som står för urvalet av ”kritiska” sociologiska artiklar. Priset för denna samling av tidigare publicerade artiklar är 9 273 skr (2003-10-19). Det stämmer! Ni läser rätt – nästan tio tusen kronor för fyra böcker! Men...
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