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    Norwegian Human Rights Organisations and Olympic Games

    Anders Hasselgård Norwegian School of Sport Sciences Andreas Selliaas Freelance researcher Abstract In this article, an analysis is made of Norwegian Human Rights organisations (HROs), their involvement in the Olympic Games in Beijing in 2008, and consequences for their involvement in subsequent Games.  We attempt to identify the organisations’ understanding of the Olympic Games as an arena for human rights activism and how “Olympic...

    Research on Sport as a Means of Crime Prevention in a Swedish Welfare Context: A Literature Review

    In this article, David Ekholm reviews Swedish research literature on sport as a means to realize social objectives related to crime prevention, contextualized by international literature on the subject.

    Between Performance and Beauty: Towards a sociological understanding of trajectories to drug use in a gym and bodybuildning context

    Based on an an ethnographic study of Swedish bodybuilders, Jesper Andreasson presents a sociological understanding of various circumstances influencing the decision to begin taking performance-enhancing drugs. Published in’s refereed sister publication Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum.

    Using Court Reports to Enhance Knowledge of Sexual Abuse in Sport: A Norwegian Case Study

    Kari Fasting, Celia Brackenridge and Gustav Kjølberg conducted the study reported here, using a small number of Norwegian court reports to examine issues confronting those researching sexual abuse in sport.

    Sex, Football and the Media – The Case of South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup

    In a new article published in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, “Sex, Football and the Media: The Case of South Africa and the 2010 FIFA World Cup”, Maria Zuiderveld studies how South African media treated the issue of trafficking in relation of the football fest of 2010.

    Om dopning i skolan och på gymmet

    The use of performance enhancing drugs, especially anabolic androgenic steroids (AAS) has emerged as a social problem outside competitive sports, linked to substance abuse and crime. The purpose of this article is to analyze the use of doping and attitudes to doping outside the competitive sports context in relation to age, gender, ethnicity, socio-economic status, and branch of sport.

    Cooperation on Cycling Teams

    The Winner Takes All A Qualitative Study of Cooperation on Cycling Teams Katrine O. Netland, Vidar Schei, Therese E. Sverdrup Department of Strategy and Management, NHH Norwegian School of Economics Abstract Cycling is arguably one of the most physically demanding sports. However, road cycling athletes are also challenged by a social-psychological tension induced by a fairly simple dilemma: There will only be one individual...

    Learning by Joining the Rhythm

    This article aims to explore how a joint rhythm is learned. The exploration is based on a combination of a case study of training in elite rowing and theoretical considerations concerning mutual incorporation of skills in learning.

    Ethno-politics and state sport policy

    The case of how the Sámi Sport Association–Norway challenged the Norwegian confederation of sport’s monopoly for state subsidies to sport. En artikel i Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum

    Subjective Beliefs Among Sport Coaches About Communication During Practice

    Frode Moen’s and Kristin Garand’s article looks at subjective beliefs among sport coaches in terms of what they consider to be effective communication during practice. In general, coaches agree that during practice they must stimulate their athletes to be focused. In order to do this, their communication must be based on information and concepts that both coaches and athletes understand.
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