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    “I bow down in awe of them…”: Sports awards for Paralympic athletes and Olympic athletes

    In this peer reviewed article, Marte Bentzen and Kristin Vindhol Evensen present the results of an interesting research study of the Norwegian Sports Awards TV show, Idrettsgalla, with a specific eye to the differences in presentation of the awards for Parasports and for sports by able-bodied athletes, including a gender perspective. The use of jokes by presenters plays an informative and revealing role in the analysis, both in terms of gender and degree of ability.

    Stable Cultures in Cyberspace: A study about equestrians’ use of social media as knowledge platforms

    In this peer reviewed article, Lovisa Broms, Marte Bentzen, Aage Radmann and Susanna Hedenborg chart and analyze how equestrians use social media, how they communicate horse-related content on social media, and how social media can be seen as a source for knowledge exchange, focusing on how equestrians use social media to acquire information about horses, and how this usage can be explained in connection to age and experience.

    Klassresenärer i gymnastiksalen: En analys av de studenter som tog examen från Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolans kvinnliga gymnastiklärarkurs 1972

    Försommaren 1972 tog 69 kvinnor examen från Gymnastik- och idrottshögskolan i Stockholm och fick därmed den prestigefyllda titeln gymnastikdirektör. Syftet med denna referentgranskade artikel av Hans Bolling och Leif Yttergren är att analysera dessa kvinnors yrkeskarriärer, samt att jämföra resultaten med fynd från tidigare studier av de kvinnliga gymnastikdirektörer som tog examen från Gymnastiska centralinstitutet 1893 respektive 1932.

    National and Organizational Culture in Norwegian Elite Sport: The Account of National Handball Head Coaches

    In this article, Skille, Hansen, Abrahamsen og Chroni show that at the international level results can be achieved even when embracing, and performing, under humanistic and social-democratic values, which deviates significantly from the commonly embraced win-at-all-costs approach. Norwegian elite sport culture appears to exemplify this cultural approach by actively employing a value-system in the development of its athletes, teams and sport.

    Less Talk and More Action Please: Youth National Team Handball Players’ Experiences of a Mindfulness Training Program

    Guided by separate semi-structured interview guides for athletes and coaches, Line M. Nielsen and colleagues interviewed eight male youth national team handball players and four of their club coaches about their subjective experiences and the effects of taking part in a Mindful Performance Enhancement Awareness and Knowledge (mPEAK) program. The results are presented in this peer reviewed article in Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum.

    Offentlig folkehelse­arbeid og idretts- og helseideologien: Folkehelsekoordinatorers erfaringer av samarbeid med frivillige idrettslag

    Den här referentgranskade artikeln av Anne Tjønndal undersöker hur idrotts- och hälsoideologi uttrycks av offentliga anställda i den norska folkhälsosektorn när de delar sina erfarenheter av att arbeta med frivilliga idrottslag i folkhälsoarbetet. Analysen visar hur samarbete med frivilliga idrottslag uppfattas som positivt och som en resurs i folkhälsoarbetet i fysisk aktivitet, särskilt när barn och ungdomar är målgruppen.

    Decolonizing Sport and Exercise Psychology Within a European Context: A Critical Overview

    Despite a call for rethinking the epistemological understanding of the acculturation and its relation to sport and exercise, European sport and exercise psychology has remained unchallenged territory. Sepandarmaz Mashregi’s critical overview is a call for decolonizing the knowledge and scholarship within sport and exercise psychology by utilizing transformative approaches that centralize the voices of the cultural ’other’.

    Fra helt til syndebukk: En studie av hvordan en landslagstrener i fotball kombinerer transformasjonsledelse og machiavellisk ledelse

    I denne artikkelen av Trine Lise Andersen studeres lederstilen til landslagstrener i fotball i lys av toppfotballens rasjonalitet, der seier trumfer alt. Spørsmålet som drøftes er om treneren brukte både sin ofte kommuniserte transformasjonslederstil og en machiavellisk lederstil, og endret eventuelt balansen mellom disse lederstilene seg i forhold til lagets resultater. Antagelsen var at den machiavelliske lederstilen ville bli mer fremtredende når resultatene uteble.

    Routes and roots to knowing in Shaun White’s snowboarding road trip: A mycorrhizaic approach to multisensory emplaced learning in exergames

    This article by Åsa Bäckström, Mikael Quennerstedt, Ninitha Maivorsdotter & Jane Meckbach explores learning during game-play of a snowboarding video game intrigued by questions raised in the wake of the increasing mediatisation and digitisation of learning. Using a short term sensory ethnography approach, we elaborate on the idea of multisensory emplaced learning and propose an organic metaphor – mycorrhiza – to both methodology and learning.

    Learning health in Swedish physical education: A critical case study of students’ encounters with physical fitness and health as a learning object

    In this article by Marie Graffman-Sahlberg, Gunilla Brun Sundblad & Suzanne Lundvall, critical questions are being raised about the enforcement of learning a particular health practice in school physical education (PE). The aim of the study was to explore upper secondary students’ learning and understandings of a specific learning object, aerobic fitness and how this influences health, after participating in a period of a longer lab work in physical education.
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