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    Engaged and thoroughly engaging about Irish sports on film

    Gaelic games, including Gaelic football, hurling, Gaelic handball and rounders, are the most popular sports played in Ireland, and form an important part of Irish cultural identity. In his book Gaelic Games on Film: From silent films to Hollywood hurling, horror and the emergence of Irish cinema (Cork University Press), Seán Crosson traces the Gaelic games through a hundred years of filmic representation, a journey that our reviewer Dilwyn Porter found most enjoyable.

    Together, but separate

    Christer Ericsson Örebro University Philip Dine & Seán Crosson (red) Sport, Representation and Evolving Identities in Europe 369 sidor, hft. Bern: Peter Lang Publishing Group2010 (Cultural Identities Studies, Vol. 19) ISBN 978-3-03911-977-6 The case studies collected in this anthology comprise a total of 15 essays that discuss sport in modern and contemporary Europe, with a common overall aim of contributing to knowledge about the construction of identities. In...
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