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    Call for Papers | Workshop: “The Jurisprudence of Sports” at the IVR Congress in Lucerne, Switzerland, 7-13 July 2019. Call ends 31 January 2019

    There is recognition that law and sports (as games) bear strong similarities. Both can be understood as systems of rules, with a judge/referee who has the power to issue punishments/penalties. And the rules of cricket and rugby are known as ‘laws’ in English. This workshop aims to discuss jurisprudential issues in sports, falling under the broad themes of justice and fairness (equity/Billigkeit).

    Call for Abstracts | First International Conference on the Science and Practice of Sports Refereeing

    Where? – Clermont-Ferrand (France) When? – 22–24 September 2014 Despite their importance in sports performance, referees received little scientific attention in the decades prior to the year 2000. Since then, research on sports officials has begun to proliferate, with investigations into stress, decision making and judgment, communication and physical performance. Sport refereeing is becoming a scientific field in its own right (Dosseville...
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