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    Call for Papers | “Painful Pleasure, Pleasurable Pain”, Special Issue of Journal for the Study of British Cultures | Call ends July 1, 2020

    Pain and pleasure are operative in the negotiation of the limits of the normative and the transgressive, but they are also intertwined within realms that are considered to be part of everyday culture and, as such, challenge the traditional dichotomy associated with both concepts – from the mother giving birth, to the marathon runner pushing his/her body to the limit, to the pleasures arising from modifiable flesh (e.g., tattoos, piercings etc.).

    Call for Papers | ‘Football, Politics and Popular Culture’ | Abstracts for Anthology Chapters. Call ends June 29, 2018

    Some people are beginning the process of putting together a proposal to publish two edited book collections on The Football Collectives annual conference in Limerick, 2017. (1) Football and Politics, deals with football and Politics / the politics of football, while (2) Football and Popular Culture deals primarily with representations of football in popular culture/football as a facet of popular culture.

    Call for Papers | Inaugural Meeting of The International Association for the Interdisciplinary Study of Sport | December 2–3, 2017, Vienna, Austria. Call ends August 4, 2017

    This symposium aims to bring together a community of scholars and practitioners from a wide range of disciplines who are interested in exploring the significance and meaning of sport within modern societies and who would like to make a contribution to an inter-disciplinary understanding of sport in the twenty first century.
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