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    Scandinavian Sport Studies Forum, Volume 10, 2019

    SSSF, a multidisciplinary social sciences sport study journal, welcomes articles that deal with sport and social change and social stability in a wide sense, articles about the profound and comprehensive processes affecting sports such as professionalization, globalization, commercialization, urbanization, technologization, medicalization and juridification.

    Factors underlying competitive success in youth football: A study of the Swedish national U15 football talent system

    This study by Tor Söderström, Peter Brusvik and Stefan Lund of Sweden’s 24 football districts analyses whether contextual factors (number of players, number of elite teams, and number of elite players on each district team) influence the district teams’ relative age effect (RAE) and the way in which contextual factors and RAE correlate with the U15 teams’ competitive success.
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